Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Cruisin' the Mediterranean with My New Friend - Meet Erik Andre

You know what I love most about this business?  All of the awesome people I get to meet!  And thanks to the internet, I have met people from all over the world.  My newest friend is from the Mediterranean.  How much fun is that?!  He's a fellow online and network marketer and he really knows his stuff.  Meet Erik Andre!

1. Erik, tell us about yourself.

My name is Erik Andre, age 40, located in the Mediterranean.

I’ve been a Network Marketer since 1995, full-time since 2003.

I grew up in a normal family, with hard working entrepreneur parents who started with network marketing in the late 80’s which gave me a lot of insight and inspiration to what hard work and dedication can do. During the high school years, I was struggling a lot to fit in and learn, due to my ADHD and found out that I had to find another way to get anywhere in life as a regular education and job just didn’t work out for me. So halfway through my last year, I chose to drop out and start working.

That’s probably the toughest decision I ever made, and I had years of struggle to find something that I actually felt good with doing. So my mom started taking me on tours with their network marketing company, taught me everything she knows about it – and I was hooked!

     I tried and failed over and over, and it took me many years to
    find the right company and finally get any real results.

It was first after serving in the military that things started to change for me. I started as a freelance consultant in energy brokerage and that’s when I realized my potential and started taking personal development courses, attending seminars with experienced leaders in the network marketing industry and finally found my true passion.

2. Tell us about your business

I’m part of a company called MyWorld, which is the largest shopping community in the world with more than 7 million active members in 48 countries.
We offer cashback and other benefits with hundreds of thousands of businesses and more than 15 000 online shops. This is my primary offline network marketing business which I have a burning passion for. We are giving back to communities through our Child & Family foundation, providing clean water, building up communities (building and running schools in third world countries) and our Greenfinity Foundation which is focusing on renewable energy and a better environment al around the world.

 I also have an online business, a Millionaire Mentoring Program where we teach network marketers, both newbies and experienced marketers, a better way to build their business.

We focus on teaching effective strategies for recruiting and selling, personal development, mindset and skill development, brand building and quantum physics to mention a few things.

We have more than 1600 happy and active students which have generated more than $3 million USD in commissions over the past 3 years, and offer valuable resources, tips and education on network marketing in general. We also offer education in crypto currency and how to effectively build multiple income streams.

3. Why did you start your own business?

When I started with MyWorld in 2014, it was because I was tired of lotions and potions and saw a unique opportunity to build real passive residual income without having to constantly push products in order to maintain my income. And now, 5 years later, I have a solid passive residual income from it which gives me more time freedom to spend time with my family and help others to achieve success and reach their goals in their current business.

4.  How did you choose this particular niche?

Network marketing came natural to me since my parents was doing it. And when I discovered a way to build a solid business without pushing products on people I was “in love” instantly.
My dream has for many years been to be able to help others to get properly introduced to and educated in the industry and all it has to offer.

5. What do you like most and least about being your own boss?

Being your own boss is much harder than having a boss, but in network marketing it ultimately gives you so much more freedom and options in life when you’ve built a solid foundation and a solid brand for yourself. I never wanted to be part of the corporate world, so network marketing was a real gift to me.

6. What personality traits and skills are needed to run a business?

If you want to run a successful business in network marketing, the most important skills to have is lead generation, communication and leadership – you have to be able to step up and take responsibility and be a good leader not only for your team, but for yourself as well.

7. What has been the most difficult part of being an entrepreneur?

That’s a very good question.

For me, in the beginning, it was being disciplined enough to do all that is necessary to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to build myself up.

Time management is a very common issue for many people who get into entrepreneurship, but as long as one can drop the go, surrender the pride and be coachable, anything is possible.

8. Do you have any resources that you have used to build your business that you would recommend? 

Personal development is a very important part of building my business, and I’m constantly challenging myself with new things on that subject (our Millionaire Mentoring Program has been very important). Additional to that, it’s important to have a marketing platform to handle your lead generation, email follow-ups, training. To me, Power Lead System has been invaluable to me and my business as it has everything you need to run an online business.

9. Do you have any tips to share on promoting yourself?

A lot of people in the industry are focusing mostly on promoting their company and products, and that’s where they go wrong.

Network Marketing is about building your own brand, because people don’t join companies, they join people. So if you learn how to brand yourself, connect with people on a personal level and become a genuine friend, you will get better results.

The big “secret” is to identify peoples pain point and problem and offer them a solution to it.

10.   What other advice would like to share with someone starting their own business? 

My best advice is to get a mentor.

And it’s important to find a mentor who shares the same values as yourself, and that has already achieved what you want to achieve. If you do that, and be coachable to their teachings, you can see great results in as little as 30 days. I’ve seen this so many times, and I’ve shown this to hundreds of people who are grateful for the advice I’ve given them.

11.   How can we contact you to learn more about your products and services? 

The easiest way to reach me is on Facebook. On my Facebook business page you can find out more about me, and see testimonials from people I’ve worked with. I also have a website but I rarely use or update it as Facebook has become my main place to build my brand and connect with people.
Why spend money on a website as a beginner when you can leverage Facebook, right?

12.   Is there anything else you would like to share?

If you’re seriously looking to build a career in network marketing, remember that it’s in your best interest to stay clear of family and friends, as they are your strongest critics and are the ones who will try to tear down your dream and convince you that you’ll fail.

Monday, July 8, 2019

What Speakers Should Put on Their Media Pages

One of the first things I'll be adding to my new revamped website is a media page. It's just one more thing that sets professional speakers apart from the beginners. So even if you are just starting out, a good media page can make you look like a seasoned pro. Every speaker looking to land work should have a “media” or “promotional” page on their website. Here’s what to include on yours…

Your Bio

You want both a short biography (2-3 paragraphs) as well as a longer one (4-5 paragraphs). Ideally, you want to mention your mission statement, what you focus on, as well as any important credentials.

For example, if you’ve written a book that went on to become a New York Times Best-Seller, that information should be included in your bio. If you speak at conferences for marriage therapists, then mention that you’ve been a licensed marriage counselor for the past two decades.

Your Headshot

These should be full-resolution photos that would look good if they were printed in a magazine. You need a minimum of 2-3 headshots that you feel confident about and wouldn’t mind seeing plastered everywhere.

Keep in mind that you may need several headshots for different audiences. For example, you might speak at tech conferences and parenting ones, too. You’d have some headshots featuring you at work or on your laptop. But you’d also want a second set of images that show you relaxed and smiling at home with your kids.

An Audio (or Video) Clip

Your media page might be the first time an event coordinator has heard of you. You want their first impression to be that you’re capable and professional. So if you have some clips where you’re speaking, be sure to add them here.

You only need 1-2 videos or audio files and they can be short (think less than five minutes). Make sure this content plays in the browser as the coordinator may not want to download your big files.

Your Contact Information

Finally, you want to make it easy for hosts to book you. That means including relevant contact information on your media page. An email address is best for this task. If you’re worried about spam, try a special email like inquiries @ or speaking @ your

You may also want to add a contact number here as well. This helps coordinators who want to talk with you on the phone to get a feel for your personality. If you don’t have a dedicated phone line for this, try getting a Google Voice number. They’re free and they can be forwarded to your regular cellphone.
Designing your media page doesn’t have to be difficult. Just make sure to include the information listed above. Remember that you can always update this page as often as you need.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

6 Ways to Find Speaking Gigs

When I wanted to start speaking, I was so excited. I was looking forward to connecting with her audience. There was just one small problem. I wasn’t sure where to find those elusive first speaking gigs. Everyone seemed to be looking for experienced speakers.

So how do you find speaking gigs when you are just getting started? Here are 6 things you can do...

Ask Around

Personal and professional connections are the best way to build awareness. Let your family, friends, and colleagues know that you’re looking to become a public speaker. They may know of an event host in need right now.

Put It Out There

Now that you want to be a speaker, own it loud and proud. Add the word “speaker” to your bio on your website and your social media profiles. If space allows, be specific. For example, you might say, “I’m a speaker on creating cash flow during your retirement” or “I speak to women on topics like financial and physical health and self-care”.

Scan Local Events

Since you’re new, you’ll probably want to start locally. That means you won’t have the stress or expensive of travel. The good news is that you can find local events easily using services like Facebook Events, Meetup and Eventbrite.

Reach Out

Another thing new speakers can do is to volunteer. Offer to speak to classes, both at schools and colleges. Reach out and share how you believe you can have an impact.

You may also want to see if your local libraries or community centers are looking for someone to lead a brief four or six-week class on a topic you’re passionate about. Showing up weekly is a wonderful way to build up your speaking experience.

Create a Speaker Sheet

You never know when someone might want to learn more about your speaking services. So go ahead and create a speaker sheet. This should be a one-page document that highlights your bio and topics you speak on. Keep it short and make it attractive. If you don’t have any design skills, consider creating it in Canva and using one of their templates.

Be ready to share topics with outlines with event hosts when they ask for more information. You may even want to prepare your presentation in PowerPoint so a conference coordinator can take a look if they have questions.

Go Live

Get video of you speaking as soon as possible. Livestreaming online video is a good option if you've had no live opportunities yet.

While you should strive to make this video as nice as possible with good lighting and sound, remember that hosts aren’t expecting a professional studio look. They know the video won’t be polished to perfection.

Event hosts just need to see that you're comfortable and engaging. They want to know that you can connect with their audience and keep them entertained.

Finding speaking gigs might seem like a difficult task at first. But focus on doing the steps above. The more you take risks and put yourself out there, the more likely you are to discover an opportunity that’s just right for you.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Free or Premium: Should You Be Paid to Speak?

I have to admit...when I first started speaking, I felt very uncomfortable.  My first chance actually was a complete disaster.  I have shared that mortifying experience elsewhere so I'm not going to force you - or me - to relive it again.  But it certainly cemented one thing in my mind.  I had no business being paid to speak!

Fortunately, things are different now. I've learned a lot since that first event. And now even though I get paid to speak, there are still times when I agree to speak for free. 

Speaking for Free Gets You Experience

There are always event coordinators and conference hosts in need of speakers. Sometimes, these leaders don’t have much of a budget, so most of the cash goes to feeding attendees and providing paper goods (like tissue). That doesn’t leave much to pay speaking fees.

However, this can be an advantage if you’re a new speaker. There’s less competition to get free speaking gigs and event hosts will be more forgiving if you mess something up. After all, they understand that you’re still finding your way.
Another advantage of speaking for free is that it builds up your confidence while marketing your business. Most people don’t become confident speaking until they’ve done it a few dozen times. You can speed up this growth process by speaking at multiple events in the span of a few weeks or few months.

Speaking for Pay Can Be Exciting

For some, speaking isn’t just a hobby or something done to grow their business. It’s how they keep food on the table and afford to clothe their families. Fees can range anywhere from $100-10,000+ depending on many things—the conference budget, your experience level, the topic you’re presenting on, and the complexity of your talk.

Professional speakers often have multiple income streams like additional products or services. They may sell these items at conferences and events to off-set some of their costs and to grow their bottom line.

Speaking for Perks Is Good, Too

Keep in mind that you don’t have to choose between speaking just for free or profit. Some speakers do it for the perks. These perks are typically paid for by the event host.

For example, you’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii and a conference coordinator contacts you. They don’t have the budget to pay for your speech but they are willing to pay for your hotel costs for three nights. You get to travel to a dream destination, speak at a big event, and be a tourist for two days.

Of course, the perks an event host can offer will differ. Some may be willing to pay for your meals, your flight, or your hotel stay. It all depends on what their budget is and what you’re willing to negotiate for.
When you first start speaking, it’s smart to get your feet wet with free or perks-based events. Then if you find you enjoy speaking and you’d like to do it more often, consider turning pro and charging a fee in exchange for your time.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Define the Message You’ll Share

I have always loved the idea of speaking. I wanted to use speaking as a way to build my business as well as a possible additional income stream.  But I wasn’t sure how to get started with speaking. So when I started working with a coach, the first thing she told me was to focus on defining my craft a Signature Speech.

Every speaker needs a keystone message. But building this message can be tricky. Where do you start? What do you say? How much should you talk about yourself? These are important questions and here are a few answers for you.

Determine Your Audience

Before you can begin crafting a message that connects with your listeners, you need to get clear on who you serve. Who is it that you’re passionate about reaching? Who is your product or service for?

I know my audience is mainly women in their thirties to sixties. But I narrowed it down even more by choosing to focus on the "older" part of that range - the baby boomers or retirees.. That means when I started looking for events where I could speak, I focused on ones that catered to my community (retirees or soon-to-be retirees).

Focus on the Problems

The next step in defining your message is focusing on the problems your audience faces. Try to make a list of the top 10-20 problems that your community regularly brings up to you. This may be a mix of big and small issues.

My list includes issues my audience complained about like: not enough savings to retire comfortably, not wanting to "retire" but not wanting to stay at their job, and wanting to start a business but challenged by technology.

Offer the Solutions

Now that you’ve had a chance to consider what problems plague your community, think about how you can offer them the solution. Chances are, you’re already offering the solution even if you don’t realize it.

Maybe your audience complains about the lack of information about writing copy for Facebook ads (which mine does). But you have a free opt-in report on this topic (which I do!). You can mention this solution in your presentation.

Show Off Your Results

As you offer solutions, be sure to share proof that what you’re teaching really works. Using the above example, you’d want to share the story of a woman who earned an extra $10K thanks to following your copywriting tips.

But keep in mind that results don’t have to be monetary. I recently shared a message from a client who found she was more confident and felt more in charge of her life now that was taking control of her retirement savings.

Share What Makes You Different

At this point, you’ve got the audience excited. They know there’s a solution out there for the problem they have. But how you handle this next part of the process is important. You want to make sure your listeners see that you’re the solution to their problems. If not, they may go and do business with one of your competitors.

I point out my coaching is different because I AM a boomer and therefore I can relate to them in ways younger coaches might not be able to. I know how scary it can be to embrace some of this new technology. This makes me stand out in the audience’s mind and gives them an extra reason to try my program over someone else’s.
As you work through the steps above, you’ll get many ideas about what you can speak on. Be sure to keep a notebook handy so you can write down your thoughts and use them as you craft your speech.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

How Speaking Can Grow Your Business

Through my former life as an event planner, I have gotten to know quite a few speakers.  Several of them have become close friends.  One of them even became my coach.  I'll tell you more about her later.  

As I spent more and more time in that community, I discovered that many of them were terrified of public speaking when they started.  Just like me!  So why do it?  I was curious.  I couldn't imagine anything in the world that would get me up in front of a room full of people.  All of them gave me the same answer.  They used speaking to grow their business.  Again, curious, I asked how.  Here are the four key benefits of speaking they shared…

Speaking = Respect

The wonderful thing about speaking to a group is that you have the opportunity to meet your audience in person. Meeting people in person has greater impact than meeting them online.

Even better, the impact of a first meeting is multiplied when people meet you as a speaker at an event they are attending. That’s because most people have a natural respect for speakers. It's powerful social proof that you're smart and have value to share.

Speaking = Authority

When you’re speaking at an event, it gives you instant authority. People are more likely to trust you and take action when you make a suggestion. That’s because they believe you’re a credible source since you’re a speaker.

Speaking = Boosted Visibility

One of the best benefits from speaking is the boosted visibility. Not only will the people attending the conference or event have a chance to see you, so will others even if they never attend. That’s because the event organizer will have handouts, flyers, and other promotional material that they share online and offline. So even if someone doesn’t show up, they may still hear your name and remember you as the expert from that conference.

Another reason that speaking boosts your visibility is because you have the audience’s undivided attention for a few minutes. When people watch your videos online or join into your live stream, they’re usually multi-tasking at the same time. That means you’re not getting their full attention and they’re less likely to act on your advice. But when you speak, you have the full attention of the room.

Speaking = Industry Contacts

The more you speak, the more you’ll get a chance to meet other speakers and event coordinators. As you begin to make friends, your own circle of influence and impact will grow.

Some business owners have made life-changing contacts by simply getting to know other event leaders, topic experts, and speakers. If you see someone you might enjoy connecting with, don’t be afraid to go up and say, “Hello!” You never know where the encounter may lead!

If you're looking to sell products or be hired, making connections through speaking opportunities can't be beat. It’s the best way to position yourself as an expert and get your business out there.
Which is why I did what most of them did.  I hired a speaking coach and got busy perfecting my skills.  Her name is Felicia Slattery and I highly recommend her if you want to add speaking to your list of marketing skills.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

We Are Family! Meet Ken Kinstle!

Many of you know that my husband and I ride. Bikes. Motorcycles that is. Harleys to be exact. We love the freedom of hitting the open road and just being. It's a wonderful feeling. One of the other benefits of being a "biker" is that you have family wherever you go. We are all part of one big community of people who value freedom to live life on our terms. So it's no surprise that this month's Success Story and I hit it off almost immediately. He's a fellow biker!  Meet the newest member of MY biker family - AND co-founder of our new venture Bikerpreneurs - Ken Kinstle!

1. Ken, tell us a little about yourself.

I am a business owner, and entrepreneur. I am the founder of
Wellness and Wealth Builders. I am always working to help others with their personal wellness or building their legacy income. You will find me sometimes in the lead or sometimes in the group serving and learning how to serve better. Always helping others create new ways to wellness and success and having fun doing it.

2. Tell us about your business.

Welcome to a whole new world of opportunity, rewards and satisfaction! Our goal at Wellness and Wealth Builders is to help people everywhere achieve greater wellness – both in their physical lives as well as their financial ones. As a pioneering global company, we’ve created a unique opportunity where individuals like you can benefit financially by simply sharing this vision and mission with others.

3. Why did you start your own business?

To build a legacy and a legacy income for my family in the future. I am a serial I have been since I was a child!

4. How did you choose this particular niche?

I am in three niches now. The wellness niche presented itself to me in 2006 and it was a business decision that started me there. Crypto was added because I have fallen in love with digital currency. I love numbers and the blockchain model and its derivatives are fascinating to me. And travel because I love the ocean and love to travel!

5. What do you like most and least about being your own boss?

It's ironic that you ask this question. What I like best?  Time freedom! So much so, that I recently closed down my brick and mortar businesses because of what I like least - the ridiculously long hours and low rewards.

6. What personality traits and skills are needed to run a business?

All you really need are persistence and patience. All the other skills necessary can be learned.

7. What has been the most difficult part of being an entrepreneur?

Patience, lol! I still struggle with that one!

8. Do you have any resources that you have used to build your business that you would recommend?

Two things that you almost never find on the "recommended resources list". Successful mentors. People who are where you want to be and are willing to help you get there. And a mastermind group. Think of it as a study group like you had in high school or college. Both of these are critical for ANY DEGREE of success.

9. Do you have any tips to share on promoting yourself?

Be transparent and honest… engage with people!

10. What other advice would like to share with someone starting their own business?

Find your passion and pour yourself into it. I know that may sound trite but it's true. You have to be passionate about what you are doing or odds are you will quit at the first bump in the road.

11. How can we contact you to learn more about your products and services?


Facebook Profile-

Facebook Page-




12. Is there anything else you would like to share?

I am honored to be a part of helping others build their legacy and legacy income. I strive to help people and add value wherever I can as this is the key to being successful. You indeed reap what you sow!

“Keep the sun on your neck and the wind at your back and ride until the sun goes down.”​