Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I figured it out

What the heck is Derek Gehl up to NOW?!

I got a message from him the other day that was pretty vague, but mentioned something about a revolutionary new training system that he and his team of experts have been working on. Now I'm always interested in what Derek is up to, so I called my "mole" at his company (yep, I know someone who works for Derek, and occasionally I call him for extra insight. Shhh! ;-)

Anyway... My mole told me that Derek had a couple of his experts holed up with him in their video training center for WEEKS, where they've been busy creating an extremely comprehensive, step-by-step video training system.

And the best part? This new series is based on BeBiz, the business building system that helps you create a completely automated, hands-free Internet business, including a professional-looking website, a top-quality salesletter, and a payment system that sends profits straight to your inbox.

(Just so you know, my mole mentioned that, at a recent company-wide meeting, Derek revealed that BeBiz has become their MOST successful system EVER!)

What else did I learn? Well, it seems Derek's ALSO planning to include FREE use of the BeBiz software with this new training system...

... and he's even throwing in THREE months of FREE one-on-one consultations with his team of marketing experts. Unfortunately, I couldn't squeeze the price for this new video system out of my mole, but really, it sounds like a few thousand dollars worth of value to me! I'm definitely going to sign up for his launch so I can find out more, and if you need help building a successful business, I suggest you do the same.

Just follow this link:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Are You a Woman With a Book or a Product?

If you're a professional woman with a book or product, give us an opportunity to purchase from you on Friday, June 20.

This is the day we are celebrating who we are as women---as women who are on the move and making a difference!

June 20 is the 2nd annual celebration of Baby Boomer Diva Day. Showcase your product for 15 minutes for the very low price of $10. A few vendor slots still left. Also, there will be plenty of prize giveaways with special guest speaker, Heidi Richards, who will discuss how blogging can turn into $$$ for your business or product. It's going to be the most fun you've had online in a LONG time. 10am-3pm

To get more information or to sign up now: