Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How To Build Team Loyalty

Team loyalty is the key to profitability in network marketing.  The reason is simple.  Network marketing is based on leverage.  The more happy, productive team members you have, the more sales, commissions, and recruitment bonuses you have.
There are many network marketing opportunities available.  Most of them are excellent companies with great products.  And many of your team members may have joined your team simply because  they like the products.  However, those who joined simply for the financial opportunity may not have that loyalty to the products - or the company.  In that case, the only thing that may keep them on your team - especially when they are struggling - is their loyalty to you.
When team members have no loyalty, they are likely to leave if they are having difficulty. Then you can end up sacrificing much of your time just to rebuild your team rather than training and mentoring.
With that in mind, did you ever wonder how top network marketers build loyal teams - teams that will follow their leaders from company to company?  How do they keep their teams so loyal?  If it's not the products, or the comp plan, or even that these leaders are good at schmoozing, what is it?  The secret to team member loyalty lies in putting the interests of the team ahead of your own. It's really that simple.
Here are some tips for making this happen:
  1. Emphasize building relationships with your team.  They want to know they are not just your next recruit.
  2. Become the expert on your company, your products, your comp plan.  You need to be the person who knows or can find the answers to their questions and concerns.
  3. Help your team members build their own business.
  4. Explain what you offer over other companies or teams and how that translates into business results for your team members.
  5. Value the relationship more than making your next bonus.
  6. Think end-of-time friendships, not end-of-month totals.
  7. Don't make promises you can't keep or claims you can't support just to sign a prospect.
  8. Be accessible once the ink is dry on the representative agreement.