Sunday, February 5, 2012

Get Excited!

We just bought a new Jeep.  After several trips to different dealerships and what seemed like a few dozen test drives, we finally made our choice. 

We didn't buy the one with the lowest price.  We didn't buy the one with the most "stuff."  We bought from the salesperson who was able to get us excited about owning a Jeep.  In fact, Jeri has sold me every car I have owned since moving to Arkansas - no matter what make she is currently selling.  Why?  Because she always gets me excited about whichever vehicle she is showing me.

You must be excited about your business. If you can't get excited about your own product, service, or opportunity do you really expect me to?

Everyone responds to excitement!  If your passion and fire show through, customers and prospects will respond!

The best way to have real excitement shine through your presentation is to start writing down every benefit of your product, service, or business opportunity you can think of.  How can you help your customers?  How will joining your business opportunity help your team members?  Writing down a list of benefits will get you excited and the rest will fall into place. 

Excitement is contagious!  Fill your presentation with it!  Make your customer or prospect excited and watch your income soar!