Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Expect Success!

Did you start your business expecting to fail?  I'm sure you didn't.  You went into it expecting success!  Why else would you start a business?   But then we start experiencing the delays and speed bumps common to all business, especially when just starting, and we begin to doubt.  Now expecting success becomes a bit more challenging.  This requires a mindset shift.  How do you get back on track?

1. Work Your Plan – As a business owner, you have a business plan, right?  Of course you do!  You would not get in your car and drive to a new destination without a roadmap or GPS.  Well, your business plan is your path to success.  When things become challenging, review your plan.  Check to see if a small course correction is necessary.  Then design a step by step strategy to get back on track.  And remember, we all experience setbacks from time to time.

2. Fear is a liar! - Do not let fear derail you.  And perfection is a form of fear. When fear gets in the way, you will fail.
3. Set a deadline – Many people work best under pressure. I know I do!  Impose a deadline either by assigning a date for completion of a task, making a decision, or reaching a goal.  Completion of a job or achieving a goal will bring you success.

4. Outsource – Running a business is time consuming.  If you are spending your day on tasks such as maintain databases, answering emails, maintaining your website, when are you doing the tasks that actually help you build your business? Outsource the tasks that can better be done by someone else and focus on the tasks that actually make you money!
5. Check Your Alignment – What?  My alignment?  Yes!  What I mean is make sure your business is still in line with your values and mission.  If it's not, you may be unconsciously sabotaging your own efforts.  Also talk to your family to ensure they still support your dream.  You may be surprised that the family pet is begging for your attention or someone close to you is leaving your office a mess each time you have an important meeting.  If they are attempting to derail your success, whether consciously or unconsciously, it is important to find out why. 

You deserve to be successful!  You should never settle for less!  Success is not something to fear.  It is not unattainable.  February is International Expect Success Month.  Let's celebrate by making today the day we learn to expect success!