Friday, February 13, 2009

Legal Aspects of an Online Home Business

Guest post by: Pasi Kaarakainen

Before starting an online home business, there are some legal aspects you should be aware of. You really do not want to loose your business because of some legal matter. If you are not familiar with them, it is possible that your web site get closed down because of some legal controversy. Let's talk about some things you should know prior to starting a business online.

Before you sign any contracts or agree to any terms with an online program, you want to make sure you read it carefully. It is vital you understand what you are signing and what limitations there are to the document being signed. You really do not want to sign some document only because you do not completely understand it. In this case it is recommended to ask a lawyer or accountant what unclear parts mean.

One thing you should consider when starting a business online is whether you want to incorporate your business. By incorporating your business at home, you can benefit greatly with tax implications and other areas. You can also be looked up much higher by other companies or people if your business is incorporated. Though, it is not free and not all people can afford to do so. That is why it could be more reasonable not to incorporate in early stage of your business. You can do it later when the business is running smoothly and is profitable.

As you start your online business and begin to develop products, you are going to want to decide whether or not to trademark and patent various products and documents. Do you want to copyright your web pages and their content? Do you want to trademark the products you promote and sell? While it will cost you money to do so, it can potentially save you a great deal of money from other businesses stealing your ideas.

Lastly, make sure you are familiar with the different internet laws that are in place. You do not want to get in a bind by stealing someone else's content when you were unaware that it was copyrighted. You also need to be careful about plagiarizing content that you see on the internet. Just know that something as small as purchasing a domain name can have trademark infringement if you are not careful.

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement and be overwhelmed with the responsibilities that come with an online home business. However, it is vital you read up on the different internet laws and understand what is legal and what is illegal. You do not want to get into a bind and lose your business.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Building Wealth is Hard Work!

You see, to actually build wealth, you have to do something to get it. That means you actually have to work. Work smart. But also work hard. Anyone telling you that you can earn a six figure income in 6 months with no effort is lying. Plain and simple. Yes, you can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars - and in 6 months or less - but you will have to work.

I guess I'm sort of wound up about this topic right now. You see, I am still reveling in the experience of the recent jvAlert conference. And I want to share that experience with everyone. So this morning, I was having coffee with a friend and I was telling her about three of the speakers I met at the conference: Carrie Wilkerson aka "The Barefoot Executive", Bob Jenkins alias "Bob the Teacher", and Adam Urbanski. Each of them achieved phenomenal success in a relatively short amount of time. I gained valuable information from each of them that is helping me move in the same direction. And when I tried to encourage my struggling business friend to at least LOOK at what these three great coaches offered, her reaction astounded me. "Hard work and skill won't get you where anywhere. You have to have a system." (Does anyone one other than me thinks she's been watching WAY too many infomercials?)

Granted, the concept of getting ahead by hard work has become somewhat passe over the years. We are all encouraged to "leverage this" and "maximize that" and to "work smarter not harder." And those are all great ideas. We should leverage everything we can in our quest for success. And why wouldn't you want to maximize all that you do. And of course we should all strive to work more efficiently and effectively, i.e. smarter, when we can. But you still have to work hard. I don't care how much you leverage, maximize or whatever - if you are only working on your business a few hours a week, you will get a few hours a week worth of results!

My granny taught me that you get what you give. That means if you give effort, you get results. If you give leveraged, maximized, smart effort, you get enormous results!

Don't believe me? Take it from the experts. Carrie's presentation centered on building success using "M&Ms". What's one of the M&Ms? Massive action to completion. Massive action = hard work.

Or read an excerpt from an email I received from Bob the Teacher after enrolling in his Teleseminar Formula workshop. "It's an intense schedule...Keep yourself focused on this one course, and eliminate as many distractions as you can." Intense schedule, keep focused. Or in other words, hard work!

How much work is enough? Think about it like this. If you are working full time at your business, then you should be devoting 8-9 hours a day to your work. If you had a job, would you tell your boss you can only work 2 hours a day and still expect to get paid in full? Of course not! Your business is your job. Work it like you would your job. Forty hours a week. Now I know some of you are saying "Hey - if I'm working 40 hours a week, why not just keep my job?" Well, I work 40 hours a week - in my PJ's some days, on my porch, at the local Starbucks, in Orlando, at my daughter's or my sister's. Can't do that with a job! And if I want to work all night and sleep in, I can. If I want to work all weekend and take a couple of days off during the week, that's my choice.

Now if you are still working a job part time while you build your business, that's a different story. But you still need to be devoting a least an hour or two EVERY DAY to your business. One day off for your relationship with God and family (wealth without God and family is meaningless) - and then back to work.

Knowledge, skills, and hard work are what it takes to succeed. Forget the "system" that will make you money while you sleep. Sure you can eventually automate and build your own system that will allow you to generate income 24/7. But unless you have been building your business for a while, some hard work now is what will make the difference in your success down the road. So roll up your sleeves, turn off that infomercial, turn on your computer, and let's get going!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baby Boomer Business Coach is Born!

Those of you who attended jvAlert Live either in person or virtually know what a fabulous man Ken McArthur is. He has also been my mentor, advisor, and inspiration since the day I first met him. We had the opportunity to really have a heart-to-heart chat about my business direction and I was so pleased to discover that his thoughts mirrored my own.

I am pleased to announce my new business - Baby Boomer Business Coach!

I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from some of the best minds in the business and marketing industries. I have enjoyed success beyond anything I ever imagined. And I want to combine that knowledge with my experience as a master trainer and coach and help other baby boomer women build businesses that will enable them to enjoy the same freedom and security I have.

I will be working on a new blog as well as building my new website at So bear with me, please, while we go through some design and growing pains. I am also going to be preparing a teleseminar series and will have the first one recorded by the end of February.

WealthTogether (the blog) will still be used for basic business help for anyone who needs it. But boomer lady friends - I'm working on the new one which will be just for you!

I can't wait to get started and I am SO looking forward to working with some of you more closely. Thank you so much for all of your support through the past year. I don't know if I could do this without the encouragement and love of my great group of readers!