Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let's Swap Ideas

Do you have an idea that would help someone out? This is the day to share it!

I'm not sure how Swap Ideas Day originated, but a day devoted to creativity and productivity sounds like a good idea. If you have a good idea, why keep it to yourself? And if you hear a good idea, why not try it out? Swapping ideas, whether in-person or on an online forum can foster a sense of community and be totally invigorating.

I think this is an awesome idea.  Imagine the wealth of inspiration each of us could accumulate just by swapping a few ideas!

So let's do just that.  Share your ideas with us, either by posting here in the comments or on Twitter (#swapideasday). 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Read a Book Day - These are my Faves!

Today is Read a Book Day.  It's a day to curl up in a comfy chair with a nice cup of tea, pick up that book you've been meaning to start, and spend the day - or at least a few hours - relaxing, learning something new, or just being entertained by a good book.

If you are looking for some good reads to help you with your business, here are my top ten favorites.  These are in any particular order (other than the order they appear on my bookshelf!)

1.  The Impact Factor (Ken McArthur) - Ken's book is loaded with advice on how to get your message heard. Step-by-step plans, lists, and bullet points are provided to help you put his advice into action. He illustrates everything with personal examples from his own experience and the experiences of others.  A must read for anyone trying to stand out in the online business crowd.

2.  Testosterone Free Marketing (Denise Michaels) -  One of the best business books I have ever read.  If you have ever dreaded having to get out there and ask for the sale, this is the book for you.

3.  Guerilla Marketing (Jay Abraham) - My business bible-every small-business owner should have it on their bookshelf.

4.  Conversatons with Millionaires (Mike Litman) - The first business book I ever read.  It is filled with secrets from successful millionaires that will help you skip lots of struggle and wasted time and help you get started making money.

5.  Rich Dad Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki) - I didn't read this until I heard Robert Kiyosaki support network marketing as a viable business model.  Since that's how I got my start, I had to read this book at that point.  So glad I did.  It taught me a lot of things I didn't know (like my house is not an asset!). 

6.  Multiple Streams of Income (Robert Allen) - Creating more sources of income.  What a concept!

7.  The E-Myth (Michael Gerber) - Just because you have a skill or knowledge or a great business idea, doesn't mean it will be a success.  If your business is totally dependent on you being there to make money, it's not much better than a normal job.  This book will show you how to turn your business into a system, like Starbucks or McDonalds, that anyone can run.

8.  Duct Tape Marketing (John Jantsch) - Practical advice on creating a marketing system that won't cost you a fortune to implement.

9.  UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging (Scott Stratten) -  I admit it.  The only reason I read this book the first time is because I follow Scott on Twitter.  When I saw his book on Amazon, I figured what the heck.  Let's see what he wrote.  Now it is one of my all time favorites.  Why?  Because he told me I could stop all of the traditional marketing techniques I so hated (cold calling, putting up flyers, posting hundreds of ads), and taught me that it's actually all about connecting and building relationships with my customers.  Thank you!

10. Take Action! Revise Later: A Simple Guide to Success in Business (Bob Jenkins) - Ditto.  I bought this only because I met Bob at a jvAlert event.  So once again I saw the book and since I learned quite a bit from him at the event, decided it might be a worthwhile read.  And it was.  Not only did he show me I didn't have to get it exactly right the first time because I could always change it later,  it is filled with tips to help you take the action necessary to get your business going.  I even have TARL posted on the wall in my office as a reminder to Take Action! Revise Later.

Do you have a favorite business book?  I need something new to read for Read a Book Day.