Sunday, May 21, 2017

Site Structure Basics Every Service Provider’s Site Must Have

Once you have your domain and hosting, and you’ve installed your theme, it’s time to figure out your site structure. For a service provider’s website, that structure typically consists of a few “standard” pages:

  • Home – or the front page of your site

  • About – where you talk about yourself

  • Testimonials – good things previous clients have to say about you

  • Services – what you do and for whom you do it

  • Contact – how potential customers can get in touch with you

  • Blog – where you create content potential clients need to know
Your Home page should let readers know instantly what your site is about. When a new visitor lands on your site, you have only seconds to tell him or her what your business does, so make sure it’s very clear by creating a short, meaningful tagline, using graphics wisely, and prominently displaying your site navigation, so visitors can find what they really need.

Next to your home page, probably the most read page on your site is the About page. For a service provider, it’s important to share a little about you, but even more about what you DO. Don’t make the mistake of telling the world that you’re a stay-at-home mom or that you’re only doing this to earn some money while you look for a real job. Keep it professional, with just a touch of personality thrown in. And don’t forget to include a photo of you.
Next, it’s important to include a services page, so visitors can see exactly what you do. A simple list is fine. Keep in mind that it’s often better to show your expertise in one area than to have a list of 101 things you can do. Potential customers want to know that you’re an expert, not a “Jane of all trades,” so don’t worry that your services list is too short.

You’ll also want to provide a variety of ways people can reach you. On your contact page, it’s a good idea to include a form they can fill out. Contact Form 7 is a flexible, free plugin for WordPress that does the trick nicely. Include an email address as well, and if you can, a phone number. Potential clients will find you much more trustworthy if they know they can reach you by email or phone.
Finally, if you are going to blog on your site, make the commitment to consistency. The last thing you want is for visitors to find an abandoned blog on your site. It will only make it look like you’re no longer in business.
One more word about your blog – keep in mind who your audience is. Chances are, it’s not other service providers, so avoid writing blogs about how to get clients, how to market your site, and how to learn new skills. Instead, write about topics of interest to your ideal client. And remember, you don’t have to have a blog to have a successful website, but it is a great marketing tool if you use it correctly.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

How to Effectively Handle Any Objection

If you are in network marketing, or any business, you will receive objections from prospective team members and customers. Learning to handle them effectively can determine whether you sponsor a prospect or not. For instance, the “pyramid scheme” is an objection I hear all the time. I didn’t know how to answer it until I discovered this quote – and the answer to the pyramid objection.
“I am often asked if Network Marketing is a Pyramid Scheme. My reply is that corporations really are pyramid schemes. A corporation has only one person at the top, generally the CEO, and everyone else below.” – Donald Trump

I love Donald Trump’s response to the question of pyramid schemes. I admit I never thought of corporations that way until I read this quote. But he is right. I used to work for a major corporation. At the top was the president of the company. Below him were several vice presidents. Below each of them were several directors. And below each of them were several department
managers, who each had several department supervisors below them. And finally below the supervisors were hundreds of regular employees. No matter how hard I worked, I would never make as much as the president, or the vice presidents, or the directors, managers, or even the supervisors. I might eventually get
promoted to supervisor, but only if a supervisor also got promoted or left and created an opening. But in network marketing I can go as high as I want, and without having to wait for the person above me to leave an opening.

So, now I have a thorough answer to the objection, and can even pull from my own experience. Learning to handle objections effectively is critical to your business success. Often the way a prospect responds to you will depend on how you respond to their objections. If you are evasive or defensive, don’t have an answer to their questions, or try to minimize their concerns instead of addressing them, all you are doing is reinforcing their fears that somehow network marketing is wrong. I had to learn this lesson the hard way through trial and error. Fortunately, you get to learn from my mistakes.

There are tips and techniques for handling specific objections. However, there are some basic rules that apply no matter what the objection is. Use them and you will be able to handle any objection a prospect throws at you.

The Rules

The rules I’m going to share should be universally applied to all
objections, including the ones listed here in this book. They will serve as a foundation for the advice I’m going to give you, but should also be mastered as a technique you apply to all objections. That way, even when you run into an objection that isn’t covered here, you’ll be ready to face it head on.

1.  Listen! Let them ask their question or voice their objection completely before you respond. It’s important that you really hear what they are saying. And while you are listening to the words, also listen to tone and inflection. Observe body language. Often the objection they are voicing is not the real problem at all. If you can determine that and answer the underlying issue, you have won a new recruit. These people are looking for what you have. If you don’t listen to them and give them a voice, they will find someone who will.
2.  Confirm that you heard what was said. This may require you to
repeat/reflect what is being said and ask questions. You can do this by paraphrasing what was said and then asking questions to clarify. “What I’m hearing is….” “Is this what you mean?” Or you can repeat the objection or question exactly as stated by your prospect to confirm that you were listening.

3.  Validate their concerns without giving approval of the objection. Show that you understand their objections and then ask how you can make them feel more comfortable and at ease. Handle the objection. Now that your prospect knows that you have heard his concerns and are genuinely interested in trying to help him, he will be much more receptive to what you have to say. Now is the time to address the specific objection. Remember, most objections are really indications of an underlying fear. Handle the objection, and probe for the fear that is the root. Then address the fear.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase, “Hindsight is 20-20.”
Unfortunately, it’s usually after you’ve given the wrong response (or a wide variety of wrong ones) that you realize what you should have said. My aim is to help eliminate that learning curve for you so you can get right down to doing what you’ve set out to do – earn money and change lives.


Action step:

If you do not have good listening and communication skills, now is
the time to strengthen them. Take training in effective listening
and communication.


Excerpted from my book:  "Getting to Yes:  Overcoming Network Marketing Objections



Friday, May 12, 2017

I LOVE My Marketing System!

Everybody knows I use a marketing system.  If you haven't heard me talk about it by now then you obviously aren't really following me - anywhere.  Because I have mentioned it in blog posts, on Twitter, on Facebook, and even Instagram.  Why?  Because I LOVE it!  And you would too!

This is not going to be a long, convoluted tale of all the benefits of the system I use that ends with some cryptic "want to know more?" finale.  I'm going to cut right to the chase on this one.  Because this system has completely changed my life.  And it can do the same for you.

The marketing system I use is MyLeadSystemPro - affectionately know as MLSP.

MLSP has enabled me to generate leads on a daily basis from home.  The day I posted on line that I was working in my PJ's?  I really was.  Because every day I get leads coming into my email.  So instead of going to networking events or hosting home parties or making cold calls to purchased, supposedly "qualified" leads, I just open my email and interact with the people who have reached out to me. 

I never dreamed you could build a network marketing business online.  But it is totally possible.  I have entered the world of online marketing wholeheartedly!  It is one of the easiest, least expensive ways I know to build your business.  And it is a world filled with amazing people, many of whom have become dear friends and mentors.

Thanks to MLSP, I don't have to spend hours on the phone or hosting meetings.  Yes, I have been a successful network marketer for quite a few years.  But it was HARD WORK!  It spent almost as many hours on it as I had at my job!  Now I have time.  Time to spend with my husband, children and grandchildren.  Time to have a garden, to read, to finally get back into shape (that's a biggie!).

So, yes, many of my blog posts have links to MLSP.  Because it works.  And my passion in life is to help as many people as I can live the life they choose.  But it seems that subtlety and links aren't working for some of you.  Apparently you need it right between the eyes.  So here you go! 


And I would love to partner with you, work with you, be your friend and mentor when you join our family.  We really are a family.

I don't even care that you are not on my network marketing team - or even in my company - or even in the industry.  I will help you no matter what business you want to build.

I will help you build your current business, brand yourself as a leader, even create and promote your own products.  And as we get to know each other, if it seems like a good fit, you can work with me in my primary business.

When you join MLSP Mastery Level, I provide you with a ton of support:

One-on-one coaching and a private Facebook group for the first 10 days to help you get off to a strong start.

Access to our private Ninja Marketers group.  Here is where I share all of my resources and trainings.  Plus you get to capitalize on the experience of other group members.

Access to all of my paid coaching and training programs - free!  I have created several programs of my own using what I have learned in MLSP.  Normally, I charge for these. But when you join me as an MLSP Mastery Member, you get to participate at no charge.

If you are serious about your business, then you need a tool that will put you light years ahead of your competition.  Let's get started and take your business to the next level.

Now I know some of you are interested, but cautious.  If that's the case, feel free to connect with me on Facebook.  Message me and I will connect with you to schedule a short phone conversation.

I can't wait to start working with you!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I'm Sharing the Secret of My Success

When I first started reading about personal attraction and "The Secret" and "The Attractor Factor", I was extremely skeptical.  Who really believes you can simply attract what you want in your life solely by making your intentions known and then waiting for it to come to you?  Of course, there is much more to it than that. 

When I started in network marketing, I did all the things my upline told me to do.  I held business presentations everywhere I could.  I bought leads and followed up with each of them.  I handed out DVDs and CDs that talked about the business opportunity.  I went to networking events and handed out business cards to everyone who would take one.  All of this effort made me a grand total of $35.46 a month.  Yeah!  I was actually making money for the first time.  But not enough to meet my needs.  I needed to find a better way.

And so I started researching to find who actually was making REAL money in network marketing.  I mean 6-figures or better.  Sure, just about everyone in my upline was making more than me.  Who couldn't make more than $35.46?!  But how many network marketers were making $100,000 a year or more?  Actually, more than I expected.  And not one of them was doing the things my upline was telling me to do.  But what were they doing?  Well, today we call it attraction marketing.  They were somehow instinctively following the rules of attraction marketing before it even had a name.

Rule #1:  Provide Value!

These 6-figure earners shared their knowledge and provided value.  If you were lucky enough to be in their circle, they would teach you what they knew.  Even if you weren't on their team. This made them valuable.  And people want to be around others who are valuable.  And if you're looking for a business to join and a leader to follow, where will you look?  To the people who provide value!

Rule #2:  Have a Goal!

These leaders all had goals.  They knew exactly what they wanted and they were laser-focused on getting it.  How can you move ahead if you don't know where you are going?

Rule #3:  Be Confident in Your Business and Products!

All of these success stories were extremely self-confident.  They didn't hesitate at all to share their business opportunity or products if they knew it could help someone else.  Would you buy a car from a salesperson who didn't show confidence it would run?  If you don't have confidence in your business or products, it may be time to look at something else.

Rule #4:  Be Positive and Upbeat!

The leaders I met were always upbeat, positive, and optimistic.  In fact, sometimes it was a bit annoying.  Who can be that cheerful all the time?  Well as it turns out, no one.  Even they had moments when they were a bit down.  The difference is they didn't share that publicly and they very quickly talked themselves out of it.  Who wants to be around someone that is always negative and angry? 

Rule #5:  Have Respect!

These leaders had respect - for themselves and for those around them.  They took care of themselves, their families, their friends, and their team.  They didn't make excuses - and they didn't accept them either.  They took care of their business.

I didn't know about these rules back then.  I had no confidence in network marketing.  I still considered it somewhat sleazy, not a real business at all.  I had no goals.  Not really.  Just make more money.  I was stressed from trying to make a living and care for my family and care for my father.  Because of this I was often rude, angry, depressed, and would quickly unload on anyone unfortunate enough to ask me how I was on a bad day.  I had little self-respect and my appearance showed it most of time.  I would wear whatever was handy at the moment when I headed out the door to work.  I was only going to work.  Who cared what I looked like?  So what if I was doing a business presentation right after work.  My prospects would understand - wouldn't they?  And as for providing value - I knew nothing because I didn't take the time to actually learn the skills necessary.  All I did was pass along whatever came from my upline, which wasn't much.

No wonder it took me so long to become successful!!!

Thankfully, several years have passed and I have learned much since then.  I was blessed to meet some amazing mentors who took the time to teach me what I needed to know.  I'm not sure why, but they saw potential in the stressed-out mess that I was and supported and encouraged me through the process of becoming a professional network marketer.  I am forever in their debt.

I promised you the secret to success and here it is.  There is no secret.  It's as simple as following the rules listed here.

Provide value.  Learn the skills necessary to build your business and then share that knowledge with others freely. 

Have goals.  You have to know what you're working for.  Otherwise, how will you know when you get there?  Your goals will keep you pushing forward when everyone and everything else is telling you to quit.

Be confident in this business and your products.  If you aren't using your products, you need to start.  You can't promote what you don't use.  And if you have any doubts about the network marketing business model you need to either learn more about it so you can speak with confidence and authority or you need to consider another line of work.  This business isn't for everyone.  If you can't put your whole heart into it, walk away.

Be positive and upbeat.  Think about it.  What is the number one complaint you hear about social media today?  Too much drama!  If you know someone who is always complaining about something, do you socialize with them much?  Probably not.  People want to be around those who are encouraging and optimistic.  Most of us already have enough negativity in our lives without inviting more.

Have respect.  You are valuable.  Take care of yourself.  Eat right.  Get enough sleep.  Get enough exercise.  Allow yourself some down time to recharge and reenergize.

Your family and friends are valuable.  Don't forget them in your push to reach your goals.  Set aside time for family and socializing.  Your business will always be there in some form if you want.  Your family and friends might not.  

Your time is valuable.  Don't waste it on non-productive activities. 

Your team members are valuable.  Respect their time and their feelings.  Let them know you believe in them and that you won't accept excuses for their behavior.  If they will do the work, help them all you can.  But don't accept responsibility for their lack of effort.  Have enough respect for them to hold them accountable

Your business is valuable.  Treat it like a genuine business.  Not a hobby.  Not something to do when you don't have anything else to do.  Schedule time each day to do something - ANYTHING - to move your business forward.

Now you have everything you need to be a network marketing success.  You just need to learn to perfect it and then to use it and then to share it. 

Ready?  Let's do this! 



Saturday, May 6, 2017

How to Easily Create a Professional Web Presence

Probably the biggest reason so many websites are powered by WordPress or SoloBuildIt is because they're just so easy to customize. You can install a new site and make it look good in just a few minutes with the power of themes.

But you want to be careful. Remember, this is your online “storefront” so you want to make sure you offer a good first impression for potential customers.

Choosing the Right Theme

SoloBuildIt and WordPress offer thousands of freely available themes. You’ll find them in hundreds of layout variations and limitless color combinations. Some are easily customizable with point and click dashboards, and some offer special functions designed for specific business structures.

There are so many options, in fact, that many new website owners become overwhelmed just trying to choose the right theme.

Here are a few guidelines to help you make a good choice:

  1. For a professional look, more white space is better. Themes that are too busy are distracting for visitors.
  2. With very few exceptions, you should choose dark text on a light background.
  3. Watch for links in the footer. The last thing your service provider website should do is link out to gambling or insurance sites.

Also, once you choose a theme – stick with it for a while. Constantly tweaking your theme might make you feel as if you’re accomplishing something, but in reality it’s a form of procrastination and will prevent you from getting real work done. Not only that, but if your potential customers notice that your site is changing all the time, they may think you’re not quite ready for business.

Spend Money Where it Counts

You might also choose a premium – or paid – theme. StudioPress, Elegant Themes, and Woo Themes are some of the most popular choices, and all offer beautiful, professionally designed themes at affordable prices.

If you want complete control – including the links that are in your footer – you might want to opt for a premium theme. Another purchase to consider is your header design. While most themes allow for a text only header – just your site name and tagline – a well-done graphic will have more eye appeal.

Another place you might want to spend a little money is on your content. Professionally written website copy can help with SEO and entice potential customers to trust you with their important projects.
While you certainly don’t have to spend money to create a good looking website, if your budget allows, consider investing in these three areas. You won’t regret it.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

4 Ways to Effectively Advertise Your Network Marketing Business

If you have decided to enter the world of network marketing, advertising is critical.  And if you have not yet created a website, you should start thinking about it now.  Because hosting, promoting and adding quality content to your own web site or blog is the easiest way to create a killer advertising, network marketing, lead generation machine.

It's very easy to build a website today.  There are many tools available to help.  It can be as simple as a blog on Blogger or WordPress.  Or you can do something bigger with tools such as SoloBuildIt.  Yes, I know.  Many companies offer free or very inexpensive replicated websites.  Forget them!  If you have one, think about does every other rep!  And unless you are a marketing whiz, it will be difficult to set your site apart from all the others that look just like it.  That's why I recommend building your own unique site.

Of course, building your site is only half the battle.  It may be easy to do and easy to use, but it will have to be promoted and advertised.  You won't get traffic to your site if you don't get out there and promote it.  If you are going to rely mainly on SEO, you may never get significant amounts of traffic.  Unless, of course, you are and SEO genius!

There are a lots of places and plenty of strategies to promote your site:

1.  Forums 

Participate in forums that allow "do follow" links. This means that every time you post on a forum related to your product or service, you can place a link to your site, and can click through and get more information.

2.  Social Media Advertising

Facebook is the current ruler of social media and if you aren't using to promote your business, you are missing out.  Facebook allows you to set up a page for your business that is separate from your profile page.  You can also promote your products on Facebook with Facebook ads.  Once you know how to create a good Facebook ad, you can reach literally millions of prospects for a very reasonable amount of money.  Facebook's ability to target the demographics best suited for your business are amazing.  When I am promoting my skin care products, I can zero right in on middle-aged women.  I can even further hone my targeting to those that are interested in all natural skin care products. 

This is huge!  Think about it!  Instead of placing an ad just out there on the internet and hoping my target market finds it, I can actually ensure it gets right in front of them.  So now I'm confident that the people I want to have eyes on my offer are actually the ones seeing it and not some teenager who thinks they will be young forever and doesn't care about skin care or a guy that thinks skin care isn't "manly". 

3.  YouTube/Video Advertising

Yes, YouTube is a social media site.  But I'm mentioning it separately because it is one of the best places for advertising your business.  And it is all about video and video is HOT right now. 

You don't need much to get started.  I do my videos right on my smartphone.  If you want to get more sophisticated, you can get a microphone and a camera.  But what's important is that with video, you can quickly brand yourself and your product.  And if you do it properly, it is one of the best places to build a following and make some sales.

4.  Article Marketing

Write informative and useful articles about your product, or about network marketing, or just marketing and business in general.  Then submit these to article sites.  My favorite is EZine Articles.  Each article will contain a "bio box" which tells a bit about you AND contains a link to your website.  So when search engines pick up the keywords in your articles, you can get tons of exposure which can result in plenty of traffic.  So make sure you are carefully selecting your keywords to reach your target market.

You need to create a network marketing advertising machine to help generate leads.  Lots and lots of leads.  Because leads are the name of the game.  These are just four ways to advertise your products or business.  There are countless others.  Some are more effective than others.  So how do you possibly learn all there is to know to make the right choices and then use that method in the most effective way?  You don't.  You use a system that has already done all that for you.  Take a look at the best marketing system I have ever seen.  One that will help you create hundreds of leads on demand and help you build your downline fast!   

Monday, April 17, 2017

Be The Boss Of You To Reduce Home Office Stress

If you have been working from home for some time now, you may have fallen victim to a strange phenomenon:  the I'm-Not-The-Boss-Of-Me syndrome. You may have started out being the 'boss of you' in your home office, but since then have noticed some boss-worker lines getting blurred.

Perhaps you're shrugging off responsibility for deadlines, or letting the office turn into a catch-all for the flotsam-and-jetsam of the house, or wandering into your home office only after reruns of your favorite show have ended. Or maybe you're a tyrant boss, not allowing yourself any breaks or fun. Perhaps you are a boss who is not providing your employee with the tools needed to get the job done properly. No matter what's happening, the balance has tilted uncomfortably.

These scenarios are not unusual. As a matter of fact, most work-at-home people find themselves at one point lapsing into a routine that is not conducive to productivity and a good working environment. The employer-employee relationship is strained. Pulling yourself up by the boot straps and getting back to work takes some re-thinking of your employer-employee relationship.

Let's take a look at a few things the Boss (you) can do for the Employee (you) to relieve  stress and get your home office running smoothly again.

Time Management Tools

The home office environment has some unique time management hurdles to clear. Everyone stresses when time is not being used well. Deadlines are missed and you have to answer to your clients at the same time you're trying to figure out how to motivate yourself to get the job done. As both the boss and the employee, you have some serious decisions to make.

Start by providing yourself with the best time management tools you can find. There are many programs and applications for tracking productivity to help identify the areas that need work. Keep track of tasks and the time it takes to do them and you'll soon understand where to focus and make changes.

Break Time

Every good boss knows how valuable time away from the desk can be. Employees, especially dedicated employees like you, often work long hours, skipping lunch and breaks to get a project done. The fact is, when working without a break the quality of the work suffers. Clarity and focus are lost as the brain gets stuck in slow-motion.

As your boss, you need to remind yourself that you are not a machine. Step outside and take a little walk. Fresh air can work wonders on the creative juices. If you need to, set a timer for breaks, lunch, and, yes, even the end of the work day.

Lighten Up

All work and no play makes for a very unhappy crew. When you are both the boss and the employee, it can be difficult to remember to have a laugh or two during the day. Your boss-self is driving you to work, work, work, while your employee-self is all in trying to make the boss happy.

Find something funny to read or watch each and every day. In fact, schedule yourself a  'laugh break' so you don't forget. It is the job of the boss to set the tone for the office, so go ahead, boss, get that laugh memo out to yourself and enjoy some giggles.

Creating a work environment in your home office when you are both the boss and employee can be a challenge. Taking a look at your work day schedule from both perspectives is the only way to keep both you and your boss happy. Yes, you ARE the boss of you so treat yourself like the valuable employee you are.