Monday, September 7, 2015

Refill Your Creative Well by Getting Out and Seeing Inspiring Things

Let's face it, even the most creative people (for example songwriters/musicians) go through a dry spell once in a while where their creative well has dried up and needs replenishing.  One of the quickest ways to fill that well back up is to get out and visit other places where you're surrounded by inspiration and beauty.

Take in a live show. Whether music or theater, these two options have creativity written all over them. During a live music concert or play, it's all about the audience and the energy they create for the performers. You never know what can happen during a live performance. Be inspired and let your creativity build off the creativity of what you just saw and heard. Sometimes all it takes to get the creative juices flowing is to enjoy another art form, so make a date with your creative self to see that new musical that’s in town. You might be surprised how inspiring it can be.
Visit a museum or art gallery. Not everyone is interested in spending time in a museum or art gallery, of course. But even if you think you’re someone who just doesn’t enjoy that kind of scene, you might want to “force” yourself to do it at least once. You may be surprised and find that you actually enjoyed it. But more than that, you can't get much more creative than sculptures and paintings. Look at the pieces and let your creativity take over - think about what the piece means, why it was created the way it was.

Hang out in a cemetery. Admittedly, this may seem like an odd place to visit to get your creativity flowing but it's actually a great place to work those creative thinking muscles. Grab a pen and notebook and head to a nearby cemetery. Don’t think of it as a sad place where someone's loved one has been laid to rest. Instead, look at those graves and start celebrating their lives. Pull out that pen and paper and start creatively writing their life stories. Where were they born, who did they marry, what did they do for a living, how many kids did they have, did they have any pets? Get as creative as you want. The idea here is to let the creativity flow and have fun with it.
Get back to nature. Many people find that simply taking a stroll in a park or along a wooded trail is just what they need to refill the well. Simply getting out in the fresh air and away from the computer and television and smart phone can cause you to relax and replenish your soul.

If you’re feeling a little less creative, or struggling to solve a problem, it might just be because your creative well has run dry. Get out in the world and away from your day-to-day tasks for a bit, and you’ll soon find that those creative juices are flowing again.