Friday, June 9, 2017

Let's Dream Together

--Guest post by Shelli Barnette

One of the things I love to do is help other network marketers discover the world of online marketing.  Right now, I am holding the 90 Day Ninja Marketing Blitz.  We are having a ton of fun!  And learning the skills necessary to become true Ninja Marketers!  One of those skills is blogging and I have invited all of the participants to do a guest post on my blog while they get their own blog set up.  So read on and meet Ninja Marketer Shelli Barnette!

Let's Dream Together 

Happy Friday everyone.  My name is Shelli. I am 50 years old, married to a wonderful husband and my best friend. I have a son, stepson, and became a proud MawMaw  2 years ago to my beautiful Anneliese.

Today is my first day of blogging, and I have a couple of reasons to embark on this new adventure. First, I want everyone to know where I've been and my purpose for my final days on earth. Second, my goal is to inspire all my readers to dream big and don't settle for mediocrity; because there is so much opportunity available out there .

I was married at 18, started nursing school and became a nurse at 20.  I  had a baby at 20 and started my nursing career!  Boy, was that a busy 2 years; but well worth it.

I have been a nurse for 30 years, so I have devoted my life to caring for others.  I've helped people live. I've helped people die. I've laughed with, cried with and comforted 100's of patients and families. I've had to walk out of the operating room and tell a daughter she was not going to be able to say goodbye to her mother. I've held a demised baby in my arms attempting to comfort a mother who tried to get pregnant for 10 years.  I've carried limbs to the morgue and I've prayed with a mom watching her 21 year old daughter die. the most rewarding profession; yet some of the most devastating of life's events.

My heart and soul has been devoted to helping others and I now know I have the ability to change lives, in a different capacity, with something that was shared with me by a colleague on Feb. 16th, 2017.  I believe, with everything in me, what I have to share with others will affect their health,well-being and financial security.

Before we go further though, I would like to ask a few questions to my readers.  Where are you in your life and are you exactly where you want to be health wise, family wise financially and spiritually?  What would be one thing you would change today if you could?  Why?  Do you have a bucket list? What are your goals?  What are your fears?  Can you answer these questions and if not, why?

Life is a journey and we only get one shot. Some people settle, some people exist, some people excel.  Who are you?  We all get caught up in the day to day.  We think it's the only way because no one is challenging us to be better, to dream bigger or step outside the box. Why? Are you afraid?

That is why I am here today writing and I am happy you decided to read this .  I want to be the person to instill change in you. I want to be your cheerleader. I want to help you reach your goals and inspire you to answer those questions you have never thought about.  Why?  Because remember, we have only one shot at this thing called life and there are incredible opportunities out there to give you an amazing ending to look forward too.

So, I challenge each of you to find your answers, and my goal is to partner with you to help you reach those goals and live the best life left to live.  It will happen. It is possible....if YOU choose it.
Stay tuned......
Dream BIG,

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I Know Some REALLY Smart People!

I have so many really smart people as friends.  People that have learned a thing (or three) about building a meaningful and profitable business.

I asked these clever folks a question.  "What's your best biz tip?"

Today I'm sharing their answers.  Lots of good stuff here!

"Be willing to do stuff most won't do...which starts with being willing to BE who most others won't be.  One other...let go of the need of anyon's approval." - Larry Hochman

"Be consistent, show up everyday, do things that make you uncomfortable." - Rhonda Clark

"Stay alive one more day!" - Ken McArthur

"Never stop learning and growing." - Brian Basilico

"Create and maintain a great network of friends...especially giving, thoughtful ones." - Mary Eileen Williams

"Be coachable!" - Robin Smith

"Make self care the highest priority." - Wendy Y Bailey

"Pay attention to details and what your customers are telling you." - Steve Abshier

"Give away as many small valuable gifts (as perceived by others) as you possible can daily.  Givers get rewarded and givers make sales." - Rob Canyon

"Write your own script, in your life and in your work." - Shelley Krehbiel

"Have a plan, then work to bring that plan to reality.  Don't get sidelined by unexpected happenings." - Bea Kunz

"Focus on what makes you happy.  Give 100% and understand that you can't do it all.  You have to pick and choose." - Brian G. Johnson

"Love yourself, love others, respect each other's unique qualities." - Heidi Caswell

"Show up and be YOU.  Have an attitude of service." - Felicia Slattery

"Go the extra mile for your clients and they'll share your helpfulness for miles." - Joyce Mason

"I believe the greatest success comes from strong relationships that we build personally and professionally.  Truly caring for others and living your life with the highest integrity within those relationships." - Julene Franz (Hello Gorgeous! of HOPE Inc)

"Two things: have a plan written (yearly, monthly, weekly, daily)...and consistently stick to the DMO until you have gotten a certain level of result before trying to be fancy shmancy.  (Hint: talk to people, talk to people, talk to people...also known as master the basics."  Jennifer Roopenian

"Never give up." - Richard Weiler

"Whatever you are doing, find the 'why'.  If it isn't a big enough 'why', look deeper until you find it.  Your 'why' is your motivating and driving force." - Andy W Shepherd

"Margin is as vital as Momentum." - Carrie Owensby Wilkerson

"Start with a plan...put it in writing, add a timeline and get started!  Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today to get you closer to reaching your goals." - Heidi Richards Mooney

"Communicate genuinely." - Kerry Stricker

"Look at every opportunity to promote your business." - Joyce Holden Wheeler

"And of course, this doesn't just apply to your life...but to your business also.  Good to keep it in mind! 'Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing on one's own sunshine...'  Ralph Waldo Emerson." - Penelope Jane Whiteley

"Choose to do one thing each that will make a difference in YOUR life and the life of another." - Heshie Segal

"One quote that has always served me well is 'If it is to be, it's up to me.'  Just roll up your sleeves and do it!" - Linda Gracy

"Put your dreams above your fears, draw your line in the sand and know that failure is not an option.  You got this!!!" - Lynn Allen-Johnson

"Truly love and care about your prospects and customers.  Develop intimate relationships and listen closely to them with your heart.  Find out their problems or their pain, and offer them real solutions.  People don't care how much you know...until they know how much you care!" - Jeannie Levinson

So...I'm sure you were expecting all sorts of advice on how to market, or where to advertise.  Does it surprise that most of these tips - all from entrepreneurs that are at the top of their professions - have more to do with mindset, relationships, and communication than actual skills?  These are the things that will make or break your business.  I can teach you the skills.  But the rest has to come from within you!

Ready to get your mindset straight?  Join us on our daily wakeup call!  Monday - Friday.  11:00am EST.  512-807-0222.  See ya there!  And if you want to hang out where many of these cool people hang out, here is where we are!