Sunday, May 6, 2012

Will You Take The Challenge?

I was just thinking today about my days as a "professional" Girl Scout.  One of the first jobs I had after leaving the Navy was as the membership specialist and adult development manager for our local Girl Scout Council.  I loved that job for so many reasons, one of which is because I was often invited to speak at area high schools.  The council was a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Chamber volunteers were asked to give talks each year to high school students, encouraging them to become Arkansas Scholars.

I loved being part of this opportunity.  I would walk into a classroom full of bright and curious minds.  And we would talk.  We would talk about success.  We would talk about their hopes, their dreams, and what they wanted to do with their lives.  And then I would outline the benefits of becoming an Arkansas Scholar.  "Who wants to take this challenge?", I would ask.  And I would get a chorus of I do's and me too's.  Then I would list the requirements.  And then I would ask, "Now, who still wants to do this."  And although I would get another round of "I do, I do", it wasn't quite as enthusiastic as the first time.

Except for one or two students in the room.  You could tell just by looking at them that they had already decided they were going to accomplish this.  Most of the class wanted the benefits of success.  Not all of them had enough desire to take the necessary action.
As I sat remembering those days, it came to me that many of my clients are in the same boat.  They want success.  But they aren't quite willing to take the necessary action.

You have to get up and move if you want to achieve anything.  You have to go for what you want.

All the hopes and dreams in the world are meaningless without action to help you achieve them.  YOU HAVE TO ACT.

I have said it a dozen times, but I will quote Carrie Wilkerson one more time: "In order to reach your goals, you have to take MASSIVE ACTION to COMPLETION."

It's time to take that next step towards success.  It's time to move your business to the next level.  Focus.  Concentrate.  Bring all your skills and knowledge and confidence together and reach for the next step.  Decide now to go for what you want from your business.

Today!  Right now!

Take the challenge.  You won't believe what you can achieve.