Monday, January 28, 2008

Article Marketing To Grow Your Business

Article marketing - everybody's doing it. Everybody except you? If you haven't yet discovered this method of marketing your company, here's all you need to know.

By writing articles about your area of expertise (your business), you position yourself as an expert on this subject. Once you have written your articles, you gain exposure by making them freely available for publication. Include your bio, contact information, and a link to your website. People reading your article then have all the information they need to contact you!

Busy online publishers love article marketing. It provides them with a source of free content for their websites and ezines. I use "guest articles" in my own ezine - it's one less article I have to write for each issue and it gains exposure for some of my friends and fellow entrepreneurs.

Once you written some articles, which is usually the easy part, you have to find places to publish them if you are going to gain any exposure. There are two ways to do this. You can contact different ezines, magazines, and websites individually and submit your articles to them for consideration. Or you can use an article directory or submission service.

Article directories are like libraries where publishers looking for content can look at articles from a wide range of authors. Each article is available for publication as long as it includes the author's bio and contact information. Some article directories are free while others are membership sites.

Article submission services differ from article directories. They actually submit your articles to publishers and web sites instead of waiting for them to choose your article from the pack. If you use a submission service, be sure they do manual submissions.

If you are really pressed for time and still want to take advantage of this type of publicity, there are now even article writing and submission services. Not only will they submit your article, they will also write it for you.

So write some articles - it's easier than you think. And I'll even give you the first place to submit one. Email your article to me at and I'll include it in my WealthTogether ezine. (Remember, that's one less article I have to write!). When I publish your article I'll send you a copy of the issue it appears in. Be sure to include your bio and contact information so my readers will know how to contact you!