Monday, May 31, 2010

Who Do You Follow?

I've posted several lists lately - who to follow on Twitter, which Internet marketing experts are worth listening to, who are the best women on the Internet right now.  And I've received some feedback.  Some of it agreed with my recommendations.  Some didn't.  And some readers stated that while my list was good, I missed several people they thought should be included.  So now I'm interested.  I try to keep up with the best and the brightest online, but obviously I can't keep track of everybody.  But if there is someone out there beneficial to my readers, then I would like to know more about them. 

I've decided to devote the next couple of posts to you - and your recommendations.  Tell me who you think is worth mentioning here.  Whose advice do you trust?  Whose suggestions do you follow?  Whose tweets do you read without fail?  Comment here and I will check them out.  I'll devote a post to each of them.  Either a guest post by you since you're recommending them, or if you prefer, I'll do the writing and give you the credit for the recommendation.

I'm looking forward to making some great new connections and finding fabulous new resources for me and my clients and subscribers!