Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby Boomer Biz Coach

Did you know the economy is on the mend?  That's what it said on the news this morning.  Too bad someone forgot to let us all in on it.  So many of my friends and acquaintences are still struggling with the effects of this recession.  Many of them have been laid off or downsized or have just seen their employers close their doors.  And if you think it's hard finding a job in today's market, try being a baby boomer and looking for work!  Although age discrimination is illegal, it still exists.  What's a boomer to do?

Fortunately, there are options.  And yes, starting your own business is one of them.  There are so many ways to get into business for yourself today.  With the power of the internet at most boomers' fingertips, you can be up and running in no time.

How do you start your business?  What are you good at?  What are you passionate about?  That's where you want to start. 

I had to start my working from home when my father came to live with us.  He needed round the clock supervision and I could not afford someone to watch him.  Since nursing homes were out of the question, I had only one option - find a way to stay home with him.  I started out working for a company that let me work from home, learned my way around the internet, found some great friends and mentors along the way and today I run several online businesses.  Trust me, old boomers can learn new tricks! 

BoomerBizCoach was developed to provide my fellow baby boomers with information, ideas, and support to help you start earning an income on your terms.  No more worrying about whether this job will last or that employer will hire you.  Whether you want to be strictly online, or employ a combination of online and offline techniques, I can teach you the skills you need to get started.

How do you get started?  Well, if you already know what you want to do, you're halfway there.  Now you just need to learn the skills needed to get your business prospering.  This blog and and my others, Don't Trip Over Your Brain!, focusing on building a successful network marketing business; and BoomerBizCoach Recommends, a site devoted to bringing you the best resources and experts available; will teach all you need to know.  If you want more indepth coaching, then check out my coaching programs and find the one best suited to your needs.

If you have absolutely no idea of what you want to do, that's still not a problem.  Sign up for my Turn Your Passion into Profits program.  It's just an email away and it's free! We'll give you a skills and interest assessment to determine what your strengths, weaknesses, passions, and dislikes are. Then you'll receive a personal 1 hour session with me where we'll work together to determine just the right business model for you. A little research to make sure it's a viable business idea - and you're on the way.

I suggest you also join the BoomerBizCoach mailing list. Members receive marketing strategies, ideas, tips, and recommendations to help grow your business. And did I mention that it's also free?
I've been asked why I offer so much free support to my clients.  And I've even been discouraged from doing so.  Yes, I do have to make a living.  But I received so much help and guidance when I was starting, that I feel obligated to repay it in the only way I know how - by helping others achieve what I have. 

Don't let this current economic misstep sidetrack your plans and dreams.  It's never too late to get started.