Tuesday, May 28, 2013

8 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Business

We've all been told that raising prices, cutting costs, upselling, and bundling are all great ways to boost our bottom line.  But there are other ways to boost your business as well.  These ideas may surprise you!

1.  Build a team of experts.  If you are lying awake at night struggling with the answers to business questions, it's time to build yourself a team of personal friends and professional acquaintances whose advice you trust.

2.  Overcome the technology hurdles.  Are you sitting in front of your computer with a dream, a great idea, and no clue how to get started because you don't understand the technical stuff?  Are you on the verge of quitting because you don't know where to learn?  The answer is simple. Just like everything else, you take it one step at a time.

3.  Invest in your business.  If you want your business to continue to grow you must invest in it.

4.  Network, network, network.  Networking is all about building relationships. Anyone who can understand that concept can network their way to more business.

5.  Practice the 5 "Be's". Be persistent, be of value, be credible, be patient, and be yourself.

6.  Read a book.  You can learn a great deal from the right book.

7.  Look the part.  While superior graphics and web design may not boost your bottom line, it is a fact that messy, badly designed, amateur "shabby" work will leave your clients with a negative impression of your business.

8.  Create and follow a marketing game plan.  When building your online business, it is essential that you have a marketing plan.  You wouldn't start on a trip without a map, would you?  Not sure how to create one?  Use our checklist!