Thursday, January 12, 2012

15 Home Office Safety Tips

This post was prompted by two things.  First, it's Home Office Safety and Security Week.  Second, I have a spectacular bruise on my shin - from the file cabinet drawer I slammed it into.  (I was working and left it open until I was completely finished - ouch!).  So, to help keep others from sporting the same shade of purple I am, here are some safety tips for your home office.

1.  Keep file cabinet drawers closed when not in use!

2.  Install a smoke alarm - and test it regularly.

3.  Unplug office equipment when not in use.

4.  Keep powerstrips and electrical cords out of walkways.

5.  Keep scissors, letter openers, staplers, paperweights and all sharp or heavy office tools away from the edges of the desk.

6.  If you purchase a paper shredder, make sure it has safety features.

7.  Make sure your computer workstation is stable.

8.  Anchor heavy furniture such as bookcases to the wall or floor.

9.  Install safety covers on unused electrical outlets.

10.  Make sure electrical outlets are not overloaded.

11.  If using extension cords, do not run them under carpets.

12.  Connect your computer to a surge protector to protect it from power spikes.

13.  Make sure your office is not overcrowded.  There should be plenty of room to move freely about without tripping or bumping into furniture.

14.  When talking on the phone, never indicate that you are home alone.

15.  Keep emergency phone numbers posted near your phone or, if you have speed-dial, program these numbers into your phone.