Sunday, January 6, 2008

Google Ads Treat Us With Disrepect!

You all know how thrilled and honored I was to be asked to be a member of the Baby Boomer Diva Web of Fame. I was so proud to be included with such a dynamic group of women - Virtual Assistants, Jewelry Designers, Published Authors, Radio and TV hosts, Actors and Singers and Ordained Ministers - well, I'm still trying to figure out why I was included!

These are wonderful women. They work hard at their chosen professions. They take care of their families. They are active in their communities and churches. They support each other - through good times and bad. They are my friends and colleagues.

Recently, Beverly Mahone, the founder and Chairperson of the Web of Fame issued a press release. She went through When the press release went "live" it was connected to some DISGUSTING ADS from Google.

I am appalled that such a thing has been allowed to happen. I was always told that Google carefully selected its ads based on keywords associated with the content of the article. So how was pure porn linked with such a highly respectable group of women? I have heard some disturbing things about Google lately but always considered it nonsense. Perhaps it is time to take a second look. Have they gotten so big that they feel they no longer need concern themselves with what is right?

Beverly has repeatedly written to Google, asking that the disgusting ads be removed. So far, her pleas have gone unheeded.

Google, wake up! Your users will not stand for this. Perhaps you should remember who helped make you the giant you are today.


Anonymous said...


You are a member of one of the finest groups around for Baby Boomer Women!

Thank you for chiming in on what is an issue that's got to be addressed sooner or later.

Beverly Mahone

Anonymous said...


Thank you for bringing this to the attention of your fellow Baby Boomer sisters. I'm horrified that our names are being used to promote pornographic Google Ads.

Betty Lynch