Saturday, March 15, 2008

A free gift for you - 7 hours of DVD training!

I just stumbled across the craziest news...

... Derek Gehl is giving away his $297 "Internet Millionaire's Protege Bootcamp" DVDs for FREE!

This means you can get 7 hours of professional online business training in the comfort of your very own home -- and all YOU have to pay is the cost of shipping the package to your door! But apparently there are only 121 copies of Derek's world-class training DVDs left...

...So to claim your free 7-hour DVD training system now, go to:

Derek is also throwing in a free 30-day membership to his exclusive Internet Entrepreneur Club...

Which means you'll have unlimited access to his online building experts -- and can ask them any questions you want -- for a whole month! To claim your free 7-hour DVD training system, go to:

I purchased these DVD's when they first came out and I've been a member of his Internet Entrepreneur Club almost from the beginning. I highly recommend both. In fact, Derek is one of those 'gurus' I talk about - a lot. I listen to ANYTHING he says!

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