Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Personal Invitation from me and Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime sent this email out to his members today. I was blown away by many things in this email. I am pasting HIS email below for you to read. I just got involved. Wow this is gonna be big. You will see why. Read Mike's email below.

Thanks! Melodieann

----begin Mike Filsaime email to his members...April 10th, 2008 12PM EST re: Job Crusher opens for again (Limited time)

NOTICE: (read Below as I respond to the RUMORS of JobCrusher going ML-M)


Fact:JobCrusher was open to the public only 2 times for less than 1 week each time. Fact:JobCrusher Sold Out Each Time sooner than expected.
Fact:JobCrusher became one of the Fastest Growing Mentoring programs in Internet Marketing History
Fact:JoBCrusher has already help many people QUIT their full-time Jobs to profit online like we all have been PROMISED
Fact:JobCrusher will SELL OUT faster than ever as we offer FOR THE FIRST TIME...
... a $1 Trial to become a member.
Fact:Due to the Fact that we are offering a $1 trial, we expect over 2000 people (our CAP) to sell out very quickly. This $1 trial offer may never be offered again.
Fact:After you Start with us Today for just $1, you will be able to get an affiliate link to promote this $1-Trial offer and get paid a residual income. This may be the easiest money you ever made, while promoting one of the best products with a PROVEN track-record...

... a product that can REALLY help people just like you.

Dear Future Full-time Online Marketer... Do you want to be part of my "Inner Circle"? Do you want to learn from 3 successful marketers that have these 3 things in common...

#1 - We have made Millions online.
#2 - We know how to teach others how to succeed online. and most IMPORTANTLY....
#3 - Some of the people we have taught have gone on to make a full-time income online. (Some 6 figures... Some have made Over 1 Million already online.)

The days of my $500 per month coaching program are over... In September of Last year (2007), I formed a partnership with Eric Louviere and Dan Hatfield. Eric was one of my EARLY proteges and went on to make a 6 Figure Income online within 1 year of taking my advice. Eric and Dan now have an office in Texas with a staff and run businesses totaling over $1 Million in sales per year. Our MISSION STATEMENT "To provide the best e-learning program on the Internet today, at an affordable rate that ANYONE can participate in with a Major focus on RESULTS."

Now, I know you want to know about the *** ML-M RUMORS ***

... I promise, I will get to that soon. But I want to let you know a bit more about Job Crusher. - We have a Community of over 1000 members. (We will close the doors when we hit 3000 and that could be anytime today or this week. I have no Idea...) So you will get to participate in a COMMUNITY (that runs on vTribes) to network, learn, and form JV's. - You will get our acclaimed $4k per month fast start program. - We are creating a product for YOU, our members, called "The Stacker Formula" and you get to sell it and keep all the profits! - We meet at offline events. This week I am at Frank Kerns' Mass Control Seminar. I will look for you and other "Crushers" there! - We have 5 other programs to teach you how to succeed online - Our members get SPECIAL DEALS on many new products that come out online. I know almost everyone in the industry (or most want to know me) so when they ask me to promote a new product, I have them offer it to my JC members (you) without my affiliate commissions... ... many times that is the hottest products at HALF Price ... We are negotiation now with the leading SEMINARS online to get our members Half Price seats OR even VIP full seating! And you get to try all this for $1 TODAY You heard me right... For $1, you get to signup today, check out EVERYTHING there is in the JobCrusher members area. In fact, if you want to steal, I mean DOWNLOAD everything in our members area and ask for a CANCEL in 20 minutes,you can do that too... (I know one thing. Someone that does that, will not even listen to it, and sees no value in it, and will most likely not succeed with it as they would not use it.) I know that is not you, but we are willing to let others take advantage of us, to provide that offer to YOU. We are so confident you will LOVE your new found community and profit so wildly from our teachings,that you will want to stay part of Job Crusher for years. If you want to cancel.. Just let us know at the help desk. If not, you remain a monthly access member like the over 1000 other happy members.

Yes it is true. I read in a forum that people were asking about this. I posted to our private members about this last week and the word got it. We hired a consultant, and attorney, and hired a software company that cost $25,000 for their industry leading software. We plan to go live (baring any issues) with the ML-M opportunity in June/July We KNOW this will become one of the worlds most successful ML-M's because of these reasons.

#1 - It is a PRODUCT driven company. We had a successful product before we went ML-M.
#2 - Working from your home is one of the most desired industries and with the economy going down, more and more people will be looking for JobCrusher as the answer. Both to learn and as an Opportunity!
#3 - You will not have to be a Customer to me an Agent.
#4 - You will not have to be an Agent to be a Customer.
#5 - There will be no additional cost to become an Agent.
#6 - There will be no huge expense to get in. No "Front Loading" on inventory. Nothing to consume other than learning.
#7 - We will have one of "The Most" aggressive marketing plans to ever hit ML-M and it will be easy to understand. No complicated fine print marketing plans. It will be a Product Driven company. Period!

I explain more about it in the members forum, but you need to join for $1 today to read more. OH!!!!!! Also, we are planning to design the MATRIX based on current members. So there will be INSTANT spill over based on current members... So you want to make sure you are in as we may have a downline placed under you. FIRST IN, FIRST Build! Last In, Less Underneath. ALSO, since you get an affiliate link when you join today for our NORMAL affiliate program, we will put people you refer under you if they choose to become agents and customers. And for the $1, it will be like giving away ice water in a Marathon. Everyone will want to join like you are today.

*** YOUR Action Steps! #1 - Join for $1
#2 - Get Involved
#3 - Click on the Affiliate TAB in the members area to become an affiliate and TELL THE WORLD before we close the doors again! Get involved NOW - $1 Access today

Thanks, Mike Filsaime

PS - If you have any problems ordering,call Adam Kaye at my office at 1-888-DOT-0-COM (1-888-368-0266) OR +1 631-615-4595. This standby number is only if you have problems ordering (not support.) Please call if you have any issues placing your order and you want to get in before we sell out. Get involved NOW - $1 Access today


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Your information is so valuable. I just listened to your audio interview and now have a much better understanding of the services you offer. Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate and are juggling it all with great success!