Friday, August 8, 2008

I'd Rather Be Fishing!

I'm sitting here struggling to come up with something to write about today. I have a list of topics I want to post about in each of my blogs. I keep it right here by my computer. And yet, as I'm looking at the list, none of them are inspiring me.

And then it came to me. It has nothing to do with the topics. They are all good ideas for things I think most home business builders want to know. But the truth is it's a beautiful day - not too hot for the first time in weeks. My daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren are camping at the lake for the week celebrating my grandson's birthday which was Monday. He has been wanting to go camping all summer and this is one of his presents - getting Mom to go camping! And the plain simple truth is - I don't want to be blogging about business. I want to be on the lake with my family!

Which gave me the idea for my post today. Sure I can say the heck with it and turn off the computer and go to the lake. Many of you are probably saying why not? After all, it is his birthday. And you're right. One day less at the computer probably won't make or break my business. But - I took off Monday to spend the day with him. And I am taking the boat out later this evening so he can sleep on the boat with me. And I'll be out there all day tomorrow. So now it's not just one day - it's several. And several days away can make a difference.

I hear the whispers in the background. Just work a little _______ (fill in the blank: harder, longer, more, smarter) when you get back and make up for taking the time off. Let me tell you something from experience. That never happens. You may have the best of intentions but let's be honest. There are only 24 hours in a day. And no one wants to spend most of them working. Besides, if you push yourself too hard or too long, you can actually find yourself further behind. Your body and mind need rest to recharge and the more tired and stressed you become, the more mistakes you make.

Treating your business like a business means you work when you are supposed to - no matter what other things may try to lure you away. Yes, one of the beautiful things about working at home is being able to set your own schedule. And I did. I agreed that I would not work Monday, Friday evening, or Saturday. Now I have to count on myself to stick to my agreement, no matter what.

Granted there are times when emergencies require you to be more flexible. Life happens. But the sun shining and the birds singing and the lure of the lake calling is not an emergency.

Does my grandson mind that I'm not with him right now? Is he missing me? Maybe. But he also understands that "NeeNee" works to pay so he can attend his private school, and he and his sister can have things they want that Mommy and Daddy can't get them. And he knows that because I work from home, I am able to spend more time with him than his other grandparents who all work outside the home. I can stay with him when he has to miss school because he is sick. I can go with him and his sister on field trips when Mommy and Daddy can't take off from work. I can pick them up after school and take them for ice cream or walks in the park. And I can send them to good Christian schools where they get the foundation they need for their futures. And that means more to me than a few extra hours on the lake.

And so here I sit, working for a few more hours. But soon, I will turn off the computer, hook up the boat and trailer, grab the dog, and head to the lake to spend some glorious hours with my boy!

What little temptations are trying to lure you from focusing on YOUR business?


Kathie Thomas said...

Temptations? Reading and writing - I keep getting distracted but have things I need to get done.

Karen O'Bannon said...

I understand your feeling all too well. I think for me though the distractions come as a result of having too much on the plate. Seems like everything I want to do takes a lot of time.

Beverly Mahone said...

I am slowly learning how to turn my business into pleasure and get the family involved. It takes a little extra effort but when it works, it's so much fun!!!