Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Question for My Readers

I have finished with the interview series. I may still post an interview occasionally if I meet someone who has information to share that will benefit YOU. But the regular weekly posts are finished. And while I work on my next series of posts, I'm also thinking about which direction to take my business in the coming year. It IS November after all and a new year will soon be upon us. Time to review what I've done and where I'm going.

Two projects keep coming back to me as I look ahead. I have prayed about them and talked to my husband about them and now I'm going to ask for your input. Both will take a lot of work but I don't mind that. I just wish to be sure that anything I do will ultimately prove to be of value to all of my readers.

First project - everyone seemed to enjoy the interviews. But they were rather limited in scope since I don't like my blog posts to be too long. I have been considering taking the concept and expanding it into a book where I could really sit down with these woman - and hopefully a few others who I know would make excellent subjects - and get to the heart of what they have done to become successful. I want to put all of their knowledge and experience into one place where other woman who are trying to build a business can access it whenever they wish. I have read the book "Conversations with Millionaires" by Mike Litman. It is based on the same sort of concept and it is an excellent book. I highly recommend it. But I wonder how many woman don't bother to read it because they feel they have nothing in common with these mega-success stories. I'm wondering if the stories of women who might live down the street or around the corner from you and are building successful businesses on their own might have a bigger impact.

Second project - every day I get emails from the latest internet marketing guru or business building expert wanting to sell me his plan to make money online or at home. I actually bought some of these until I realized that all they want to do is sell me their system and then teach me to sell their system to others.

I am a trainer. A certified master trainer in fact. I worked and studied hard for that certification and I really don't use it much right now. But I am being drawn more and more toward the idea of designing a course on building a business from home. Not my business. Not some "get rich quick" system by the latest internet hotshot. ANY business. Because just like anything else, building a business requires certain steps and skills and these can be learned. But once again I am wondering - would it have much impact on the lives of fellow woman would-be entrepreneurs?

And so, I ask for your input. You are my audience and it's for you that I do what I do. Would you find either of these of value? Do you have an idea to add to the concept? Or would you be interested in a new concept I've been learning about from my friend and mentor, Ken McArthur - a joint venture? Let me know your thoughts. You may be deciding my future for the next year!


Beverly Mahone said...


Since I'm a writer and an entrepreneur--I love the idea of rading about how other women got to where they are.

I have shyed away from "How to make money on the internet" programs because, quite frankly, I've never understood them and no one has really uexplained it in such a way that I would be interested.

Joyce Mason said...

Melodieann, I like both of your ideas. First, I find "how I succeeded" books to be especially valuable when I can relate to the subjects as everyday people. As a writer, I just bought a book like that with various stories on how authors got published before they were famous. And some of my favorite articles in People Magazine are not on the stars but on the "little people" who have done something noteworthy. Second, anything that helps a person weed through the maze of get-rich-quick schemes in favor of the tried-and-true formulas for success would have my vote.

PopArtDiva said...

I love the idea of the book for the interviews.

And, like you, I have looked for real courses or information on how to successfully build your business online and found in most cases those "gurus" are just getting rich by telling people how to get rich with their courses on "how to tell people to get rich", lol. Waste of time and money! So....yes, I think a real course by someone who honestly has something to teach is a great idea!!!!

Karen O'Bannon said...

I like both ideas very much. There are a lot of women (I am one) who are looking for nuggets that will keep them from making costly mistakes. If you were able to convince your readers that you are not trying to teach them how to sell your product to others, you might be able to convice them to buy your book.

Anonymous said...

I liked the first project better. It may seem a bit ignorant but the second project almost sounds like a pyramid scheme? women's business network could help out with either business though!

Melodieann said...


No question is ever ignorant. But I would like to ask you a question. I'm curious why you think a course teaching women basic business building skills and techniques would be considered a pyramid scheme. I'm wondering if I phrased something unclearly or what I said to give that impression. Pyramids are illegal and I would never be involved in such a venture. If I'm giving that impression, I would like to know how. Thanks for your input!

Gazelle said...

Melodieann, I love your first idea since most of the books on successful women can be intimidating to those of us who haven't attained mega-success.

Success from the woman I can relate to is much better for me and something I would recommend to others.

You're second idea would be competing with so many scams it would be difficult to set it apart from the rest of the crowd. I'm not sure if you ever could which would limit the success of such a program.

Good luck to you in whatever you decide to do and God bless.

Heidi Caswell said...

Yes,know what you mean by the guru marketing thingie.

Not everyone has the same talents and skills. Not everyone sees themselves making a million, of course as their income and belief grows, their goals go up a notch. Others see themselves millionaires and get right at it.

One of my good friends Diane Walker just co-authored a book about her experiences working from home, the ins and outs, lessons learned along the way. It is out and doing well.

Heidi Richards did a series and blog recently on creating wealth.

I believe people like real life stories and inspiration, helps others get an idea what it is they have to do to get similar results.

You may do like a blog talk radio show and be a host. Then gathering gems from each to turn into your book.

That what not to do is also useful, along with what works.