Sunday, February 22, 2009

If you have contacts in the non-profit community, I need your help!

If anyone is being hurt by the current economy, it's the non-profit sector. And just when they are needed more than ever. Charitable giving is the lowest it has been since Katrina. And yet demands for help from charitable organizations are increasing beyond all previous records.

What can we do to help? My friend Ken McArthur is a genius. In fact, I'd say he's the #1 internet marketing genius today. Recently, while I was attending his latest business conference, he asked for my help. ME! What can I do for a multi-millionaire marketing expert? Well, it seems he knows I used to work in the non-profit sector. And he believes I can use those contacts to help him help them.

Ken just recently launched a new project called Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions and Make a Difference in a Noisy World. He is hosting a huge training event May 1 -3, at The Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida. He says he is going to teach participants how successful Authors, Celebrities, Coaches, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet Sites, Non-Profits and Corporations Use the Internet, Publicity, Joint Ventures, List Building, Social Media Sites, Radio, Television, and Web 2.0 Techniques to Drive MILLIONS -- Instead Of THOUSANDS -- of Active, Targeted and Eager Fans, Clients and Customers to Their Best Ideas, Products and Services.

Now here's where we come in. Ken is truly one of the kindest, most generous people I have ever met. And he really does want to make a difference in the world. He knows how the non-profits are hurting. And he believes if he could just teach them these skills, it would make a HUGE difference to them. But he also knows that most of them couldn't afford the $1000 price tag his seminars command. So - he is inviting them to come and be trained AT NO COST! All they will have to pay is their transportation and hotel costs. The entire 3 day training seminar is absolutely free to any non-profit that wants to send some of their staff.

Ken has asked me to coordinate this project and I couldn't be prouder than to be involved in this. But I need your help. If you know of anyone involved in the non-profit sector that might be interested, have them contact me ASAP. Let them know that this is their opportunity to get free training from the man who practically invented PR and self-promotion.

Some of the things they will learn are:
How to get noticed in a world that doesn't want to listen to you.
How to motivate millions based on over 100 years of scientific research.
How to change peoples lives using time-tested persuasion techniques.
How to make a real difference in the world, one person at a time.
How To Stomp the Search Engines
How to Build Search Engine Optimization That Works
How to Write Effective Copy That Can Double Your Donations
How to Get Reciprocal Linking
How to Make Money From Blogs
How to Get Free Publicity For Your Organization
How to Build Your List By the Thousands
How to Use Multi-Media to Increase Your Donations
How to Use Booklets For Increased Donations

Please help me spread the word. This is truly an amazing offer from a wonderful man. There is NO catch. Ken just wants to pack the house. He has rented meeting space for 1000 people and he wants it full! And he wants if full of people he can help! Even if he has to pay for it all himself! I'll be at this event (and I don't even get to go for free) and I hope I can introduce Ken to a bunch of my readers! Please help us make an impact in the world. Thanks!

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This really a big one and i will love to attend the seminar.

I love really love all your articles. Keep it up

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