Sunday, April 7, 2013

Network Marketing Tip - What I'm Making Doesn't Matter!

" much money are you making?"

I love it when prospects ask me that question! I just had one potential team member refuse to join today because I wouldn't tell him. In his opinion, that meant I wasn't making anything and didn't want him to know the truth. And this situation happens often enough that I felt compelled to address it here.

Let's be real! It doesn't matter how much I make. If I make $10,000 a month does that mean you will? Of course not. And if I'm only making $10 a month, does that mean you will? No.

I personally have sponsored several people who have gone far beyond what I'm making. And I have also sponsored several people who never made a dime.

What I'm making doesn't matter. What matters is how much you want to make.

Network marketing, in general, is a great opportunity. But like all opportunities, some are good and some are not.  Some people will take full advantage of it and some won't. If we all based our potential on the success of those around us, how many of us would ever accomplish anything?

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Heidi Caswell said...

Common question. People want to know what they can expect. And it truly depends on what they do.

I knew a company where several of their Arkansas reps would flash around checks many years back, of how much they were making. Even taught, when you get your checks, make sure you make a copy before depositing so you can have a folder full of checks to show people. They signed up a lot of people who wanted similar checks.

That method attracted lot of gullible people who had a difficult time building a business, because their credibility wasn't that great. They were known for getting scammed. Those who recognize a solid opportunity, don't need to know what others are making, simply whether the company pays as promised.

Or the fake it till you make it concept. Look like you are rolling in dough so others will join you, wanting a similar lifestyle. That is even worse.

I've never been able to predict how much someone will make when they join a company.

If you do this, you make that. Much better concept than what are you making. That is irrelevant.

Knowing that other are successful does give hope. Most people come from an employee mindset. They want to know if they worked x number of hours, then they can expect to make y amount of money.

Business owners know things don't always work that way. Unpredictable, but if you do the right things long enough, you will have success.