Thursday, July 25, 2013

Things I Learned at jvAlert Live Denver

I am at jvAlert Live in Denver.  For those of you who aren't familiar, jvAlert is a fabulous conference hosted by the equally fabulous Ken McArthur.  They are held all over the country several times a year.  I have been attending whenever possible for many years and owe much of my success not only to the actual content provided at the conference, but also to the networking that happens before, during, and after the conference sessions.

I love sharing the information I get at this event.  It is so valuable that I want everyone I know to benefit from it.  And so I will be blogging the highlights of what I have learned each day.  I hope you all get as much use from it as I do.

Today was the first day.  There weren't any workshops or presentations scheduled today.  Joel Comm held his one-day intensive workshop.  Unfortunately, I slept through it.  Not that you aren't an awesome speaker, Joel.  But 23 hours without sleep is about my limit.

Even so, there were lessons to be learned today.  I will share them with you now,

1.  If MapQuest tells you the trip takes 12 hours, plan on 15.  Even without stops.  Except for potty breaks.

2.  At 5280 feet, things behave differently.  Shampoo erupts from its bottle as soon as you flip the lid.  Your clothes steamer only does half the amount of clothing.  Face cream continues to flow like lava from the tube even when you are no longer holding it.

3.  There is a cut off time for maid service.  And it is possible to sleep through it.  Especially after a 23 hour day.

4.  No matter how well you plan, there will be a crisis at home just because you are 15 hours away.

5.  Adrenalin, Attain Bars, and coffee will keep you running long after you should be in bed!

6.  Once you join jvAlert Live family, you can never leave.  It's sort of like the Mafia.  Once we have you, we keep you.

7.  There is such a thing as an App Entrepreneur!  Who knew?

8.  Duct tape fixes everything.  Just ask Survival Jack!

9.  The Dull Men's Club is alive and well and living in England.  Except for their spokesperson who is here in Denver.  Trying not to get too excited.

10.  You never know just who or what you may find at jvAlert Live.  But it will always be fascinating, entertaining and sometimes even useful!

More lessons tomorrow! 

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