Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June is "Entrepreneurs Do It Yourself Marketing Month." Let's Celebrate!

As a boomerpreneur, you may not have the resources to launch a hugh, glitzy marketing campaign. But have no fear! June is "Entrepreneurs Do It Yourself Marketing Month" and to celebrate, I have ideas for some easy and inexpensive marketing that you can do yourself. And I am going to share one of my favorite resources for marketing ideas.

If you need some inpiration to get you started on a DIY marketing campaign, here are 23 ideas that I have used successfully:

1. Start an e-mail marketing campaign
2. Post client testimonials on your website
3. Sponsor a charity event or local sports team
4. Host a free teleconference or webinar for your target market
5. Comment on blog posts
6. Host a giveaway on your website or blog
7. Join a professional organization or trade association
8. Start writing and submitting articles online (check out
9. Offer incentives for referrals
10. Create an elevator pitch
11. Use your email signature to promote your business
12. If you don't already have one, start a blog for your business
13. Develop a pay-per-click campaign
14. Attend a live event
15. Sign up for the Help a Reporter Out (HARO) e-mail list (I just discovere d
this and I love it!)
16. Run a contest and give away a free sample of your product or service
17. Write and submit a press release
18. Start an affiliate program
19. Launch a social media marketing campaign
20. Offer to speak at meetings and events
21. Launch a Google Adwords campaign
22. Create a Facebook page
23. Design a sales page for your latest product or service

Just think - if you do one of these each day for the rest of the month, you will have completed 23 marketing activities to promote your business! Still looking for some guidance? I can help with that! Let me recommend one of my favorite resources to learn exactly HOW to do this marketing stuff. "31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles" by Tracy Repchuk is my absolute go-to book for ideas on internet marketing. Tracy covers every aspect of Internet marketing. From something as simple as your email signature to article marketing to product creation to PPC, Adwords, and Facebook - Tracy covers each one in depth. But the best part is that she means it when she says 31 days! And so she leads you by the hand, step-by-step, telling you what you need to do each and every day.

Time for a little DIY marketing! Let me know which tips you used. And don't forget to check out Tracy's book. You be glad you did. Do you have a favorite DIY marketing strategy to use? Be a sweetie and share!


Larry said...

All the stuff that when done consistently and with improving skill, launches successful businesses. Thanks, Melodieann!

John Logan said...

Wow, a great list for anyone to get started and stay started in their internet marketing arena. I have copied this list and will look it over thoroughly and begin the process. I have certainly done some but find others that are very intriguing. Thank you very much Melodieann for the list.

Melodieann Whiteley said...

Thanks, John! I am glad you found some new ideas. I am still in the learning process also! There is always something new to discover. As I mentioned, I just recently discovered the HARO email. I hope some of these ideas work for you. Do you have any good tips to share? Always looking!

Debra Jason said...

Regarding #7, I tell people "don't just join an organization. Get INVOLVED." When you do this, people get to know, like & trust you on a different level. Then, when the time comes that they (or someone they know) needs a service/product like yours, you'll be top-of-mind on their list without ever having "pitched" them.

Jenni Ryan said...

Great tips! thanks for sharing.