Monday, October 27, 2014

Your Mess Is Your Message

For every successful business or person you see, if you track back far enough, you'll find struggle or a lack of skill and competence.  Successful people aren't immune to challenges.  The difference between them and everyone else is simple.  Successful people often choose to make their mess their message.

I first heard this phrase from my good friend, Beverly Mahone.  At first, I didn't really get what she meant by it.  Why would I want to share my mess with the world?  Shouldn't a business woman appear to have it all together?  But then I discovered that many of my "messes" were actually shared by others.  And then I understood what Bev had been saying.  By making my mess my message, I could help others who were experiencing the same issues.

And so I share my trials as well as my triumphs.  When I fall off the face of the visible world due to my husband's health issues, I don't make excuses anymore.  I freely admit that keeping my blog up to date or maintaining a social media presence is more than I can deal with when he is hospitalized.  The planned launch of "It Should Be a Dog's World" came to a halt when my precious pet passed on.  I admitted to everyone that my heart is just not in it without him.  Being honest with myself and the world lets others that may be struggling to start a business while dealing with personal issues know that it is possible to do it.  It might not be done on everyone's schedule or exactly the way the "gurus" say it should be done.  But what is important is that they see I don't quit and I don't hide and neither should they.  And when I celebrate the triumphs, such as FINALLY finishing my book or convincing the awesome Brian Basilico to write the forward, then they see that I have successes despite my messes and so can they.

Bev encouraged me to share my story on the way to success.  Since then I have met many others who have said the same thing.  People love a good story!  We all love to root for the underdog.  We love the old "rags to riches" story.  We like seeing people struggle and finally reach the top because we all see something of our own struggles in their stories and it gives us hope for our own success.

So what's my mess?  You've read about it repeatedly in this blog, on my website, and in my social media posts.  What's my message?  Have faith.  Be strong.  Don't quit.  Success comes to those who persevere no matter what.  Don't listen to the naysayers and critics.  I know you have heard the saying "Opinions are like *##&_*%#, every body has one."  Never give up on your dreams.  Find the business that is right for you.  Find the right mentor or coach.  Once you have what works for you, don't let go.  If you are looking for help, I would love to work with you.  But no matter who you choose to work with, I will be cheering you on! 


Brian McDaniel said...

Creating content is just has easy as telling the world what you learned and letting them know we ALL have to work our way through the mess! Great advice!

Larry Hochman said...

Agreed. I just keep in mind it's important to share your mess...and the path you took to get out from under it. Lots of people forget that part. ;)