Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Never Show Your Desperation

There is a fine line between being assertive and being aggressive, between being proactive and being obnoxious. Okay maybe not such a fine line with being obnoxious – most of us can recognize that behavior.

What some network marketers have a hard time discerning is when their behavior makes them look desperate. Yet the rest of their audience can clearly see the desperation in their words or actions.  Perhaps you may recognize some of these examples:

1. PMing you!  This is most often found on public forums. Some unsuspecting potential recruit will post a question. Instead of merely answering the question, some hot footed desperate consultants promptly respond with “PMing you!”  This stands for I am sending you a private message. Or another way to put it is “I called it first! Don’t anyone else try to recruit this person because I am the first person to announce that I’m PMing her. Mine. Mine. Mine.”
2. Facebook status:  I need a job! Please order some [Your Company] from me.  True story. That is an actual status update that I have seen from more than one network marketing representative.  Ok, if you’re a rep, don’t you already have a job? And if you’re putting out a mercy plea for orders, is that the message you really want to send about the products and company you represent?

3. Can I ask a favor? I only need xyz (sales or recruits) to qualify for a trip I’m trying to earn. Announcing that you are desperate is a sure way to determine why this plea makes one look desperate.
4. Pounce! (1) While attending a craft show, you’re attacked by one of the vendors. There is one cosmetic company that tends to have a reputation of being (ah-hem) as they call it, “assertive”. What this really means is one of the sales ladies will stealthily jump out from behind the table and slap some lotion or potion on your face promptly announcing that this will help with your wrinkles. You don’t even have an opportunity to refuse the assault because it all happens so quickly.

5. Pounce! (2) Not quite as aggressive as the physical product assault, but equally as desperate. While minding your business, perusing the vendor booths, you’re greeted with, “Hi, sign up for our drawing. Do you want to book a party? We’re hiring. Have you considered starting your own business?” This was all spewed within a 10 second time frame, without so much a breath between sentences. Not desperate, are you?
These examples seem almost too bizarre to be true, but you might be surprised. These are bona fide actual examples that have been used more than once by more than one networker. If they seem so obviously desperate, why are some still using these tactics? Do yourself and your business a favor and work on your confidence - you'll get a lot further than by showing off your desperation.

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