Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Are You Coachable?

If you are coachable... meaning, if I'm willing to leave my ego at the door and if I stop insisting I "know" the best way... and if I just trust the process and follow the damn instructions....

Man! That's asking for a LOT, right?
Especially if you ARE already having some measure of success and you ARE already producing a result.

In fact... and I'm just being honest here... I hate the idea of "being coachable".

But BEING COACHABLE is the only reason we are producing results today and even though I have been personally blogging since 2007... and have made lots of money blogging... I picked up Ray Higdon's new 7-FIGURE blogging course the other day...


* Because Ray did it FASTER.
* Ray did it without a track record.
* Ray invested a fortune to learn the BEST way.
So for me... it's all about being coachable now. (deep sigh).
Want to join me? Want to draw a line in the sand... and make 2016 THE pivotal year that changes everything?

Watch this FREE WEBINAR REPLAY and let's make it happen. ..

Happy Blogging!

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