Sunday, December 13, 2015

Struggling With Addiction

Carol had a problem and she knew it.  She was struggling with an addiction.  Her friends encouraged her to stop but she couldn’t.  Her family tried to understand but they were beginning to lose patience.  She knew it would be best for her family but she felt so out of control.  It was no use.  She had a classic case of bright shiny object syndrome.
I know Carol very well.  She is a dear friend.  In fact, just this evening I received a text message from her.  She had just found the latest, greatest, next big thing and she wanted me to check it out.  Why the person who had sponsored her made $35,000 in a month!  And he was going to show us how to do the same.  I laughed and made this comment: "Well, here goes Carol, chasing another shiny object." 
Well, as I was sitting there feeling all pompous and self-satisfied because I don’t have this problem, I received a sudden wake-up call.  You see, my daughter is visiting today.  Now if you have children, then you know what happened next.  She took great delight in reminding me that it hadn't always been that way.  At one point in my early days, I was spending literally thousands of dollars on stuff I never used.  In fact my computer and my office are still crammed with ebooks, reports, books, and videos that I have never even opened!  She very neatly pointed out that while I may not have the same type as Carol, at one time I suffered from my own form of Bright Shiny Object Syndrome.  And that’s when it hit me.  There are many of us who suffer from this addiction.

How many of you have spent 100s or even 1000s of dollars on programs, conferences, webinars, and books that you never implemented? 

How many of you have jumped from one network marketing opportunity to another, and are still broke?

How many of you have lost money and are still working a job just to pay for your courses and ebooks and network marketing business products?

I know I have been guilty of all these things.  And I say, IT HAS TO STOP!

I was fortunate enough to stumble into the right people and the right company to help me be successful.  So now I only buy something when I absolutely know I need it.  And my network marketing company hopping days are over.  I love the one I'm with and plan to stay for a very long time.  But my success was due in great part to circumstances.  You see, you can't buy stuff when you are out of money!  You can't join another company when you can't afford the enrollment fee.  Many of us are still caught on this hamster-wheel, though.
What causes this dread illness?  There are several factors.   We live in an age of instant gratification. Where the push of a button can put us in touch with magical worlds. Where things we only imagined a few years ago are now reality. Where change comes like a whirlwind and every achievement is monumental. It's easy to expect to constantly feel that level of excitement every day. And when we don't, we think something is wrong. And so we end up chasing the next bright shiny object, hoping to feel that excitement all over again.  Add to that the “gurus” who continuously promise that if you simply join their program or buy their product, you will make six-figures in no time – often with no effort on your part!  And so we purchase and enroll and when we don’t see the promised results, we don’t blame ourselves.  We think there is something wrong with them and if we can simply find the right program or product, all our dreams will come true.  We forget that it takes work to be successful.
Patience and persistence do pay off.  All the true experts will tell you that.  And they are absolutely correct. You should listen to them.
So before you join another program, enroll in another “opportunity”, or buy another product, ask yourself these questions.
1. Does this add to or complement your existing business? If the answer is no, cover your eyes and walk away!

2. What will you have to give up to make time for the new project? If you can't fit the new project in your day and don't have anything you can give up to open a bit of time, turn your head because this is not for you.

3. Will it generate enough profit to make it a worthwhile investment of your time? While you cannot guarantee that a project will make money, sometimes you can make an educated guess.
4.  Are you willing to devote the time and effort it will take to make this worthwhile?  There is no such thing as an easy, overnight path to riches.  There is no magic button, no secret formula.  It will take time and work.  If you don’t want to give up either of those, move on! 
Bored? Feeling a lack of excitement? Need to try something new? Not making the money you were promised?  Before you succumb to the lure of another bright shiny object, take a look at yourself.  Answer the questions above.  Can you add or upgrade something in your existing business that will challenge and excite you again?  Do you have time to do it?  Will it be a worthwhile investment of your effort?  Are you willing to do the work?  If so, go for it.  If not, you may be struggling with this addiction for a very long time. 

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