Monday, January 9, 2017

A Network Marketing System Is Critical to Success

Every day tons of people join a network marketing opportunity with the expectation of making money working just a few hours a week from home. Sadly by the end of approximately 3 months in business, three quarters of these people will give up, often worse off than when they started.

It's sad but it is true. The worst of it is, it just doesn't have to be that way! The most significant difference between success and failure in network marketing often is just not finding an effective network marketing system that may do the great majority of the work and ease lots of the burden.

Tools Are Not a Network Marketing System

Many new network marketing entrepreneurs confuse tools with systems, and this may be a costly mistake. They think that tools are a marketing system, but that just isn't true.

A good network marketing system will employ a number of different tools, but any tool will be absolutely useless unless it is a part of a fully integrated series of processes which are built to achieve a measurable result.

As an example, your company may give you a wonderful DVD presentation guaranteed to generate interest in your product, service or opportunity.

Yet this DVD is truly just a tool and worthless without a system a sequence of processes engineered to get the DVD in the hands and DVD players of prospects who might have an interest in learning more.

The top earner in your company could offer the most awesome webinar as a sponsoring tool. But who is going to watch it if you do not have a system in place for telling people about it, and providing a technique for those interested to register and thereby leave their contact information so you can follow up.

Below Is an Example of a Network Marketing System

A system is a collection of processes designed to produce a particular result.

A good network marketing system, then, could be a complete A-Z process for lead generation using organic search engine methods composed of these steps:

A target market must be identified by using precise tools to analyze that market, and those folks should have a want for your service or opportunity. For example, "retired salespeople".

The exact words, phrases and expressions used within a selected niche need to be researched using key phrase research tools. As an example "network marketing opportunities".

Then you will use the tool to discover how much competition there is for those keywords. This particular tool will measure how many web sites, blog posts, articles and probably ads there are competing for those keywords.

Articles should then be written addressing people's issues, with their solutions, either by you or by an outsourced writer.

Manually submit articles to article lists and/or use tools to distribute articles to article directory sites.

Article marketing should be performed by employing pings, social bookmarking tools or by securing high PR backlinks.

This shows the steps that are contained in a complete online network marketing system. It is a series of steps designed to produce a desired result. In this example these steps have been brought to get a new webpage to rank in the search engine results pages, using keywords that are directed especially at a target audience.

When the system is followed the result will be a torrent of very targeted traffic to your internet site where you would also have in place another series of steps, or system to gain the interest of your prospects, which should lead them to opt in and receive more info about your product or opportunity.

Turnkey Network Marketing System

Obviously the fastest way to success is by finding an entirely integrated network marketing system which will produce all of the results for which you are looking. Do be certain you are simply not making an investment in yet one more stand-alone tool that'll be absolutely ineffective if it does not work within your system.

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