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Meet Suzanah Platt

You know how I'm always telling you to reach out and connect with the people who comment, like, or share your social media content?  There's a reason for that.  You can meet some amazing people!  That's exactly how I met my newest "Success Story".  I posted something on Facebook.  She commented and asked a question.  I responded.  One thing led to another and soon we were having a conversation.  Just like that!  And not once did we pitch each other on our businesses!  So nice to meet someone who gets it.  Now you can meet her too - Suzanah Platt!

1.       Tell us about yourself

My names is Suzanah Platt and I am a 42 year old UK based Coach. My career has been varied and interesting both academically and professionally. I consider myself so fortunate to have had the experiences I have had, which have inevitably lead me to where I am.  My first degree was in Social Science with a heavy bias towards Psychology and Philosopy. After graduating, I trained as a Financial Advisor and worked in that industry for eight years. I learnt so much about rapport building, networking and the importance of repeat business in this time. As much as I enjoyed corporate financial services, I had always dreamt of a career in law, so in 2004, I took a leap of faith and gave up my job to do a Law Degree in one year, followed by the academic qualifications for become a Barrister. I was called to the English Bar in November 2006, this was one of the proudest moments of my life. I then went on to practice Civil Advocacy for ten years. I learnt a lot of transferable skills in this time and enjoyed my job, however everything changed for me when I discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping). My hobby has always been personal development and I particularly love the work of Paul McKenna, Anthony Robbins and Brandon Burchard. In 2015 a hypnotherapist friend of mine suggested I try EFT for a long-engrained fear of flying. I tried it and after two sessions I flew!! This was almost a first at the age of 40! I was hooked and knew I had to get it out to the world. I went to qualify and within a few months I had to take the decision to give up my legal career as I was too busy with EFT coaching to do both. I have never looked back. It was the easiest decision I have ever made and the best. I adore what I do and I work with some of the best people you can imagine, committed and keen people, that just need a little help and the right tools to succeed. I am an extremely positive person who believes in taking chances when they feel right.

2.       Tell us about your business

My business is called Splatt Coaching. Why? Because it is my name “S Platt” and if I have to have a funny name I may as well use it to my advantage!! It is different and people remember it! It also became my business acronym “Simple Practical, Life Altering Transformational Techniques.

I work with clients from all over the world from UK to Australia now. Its been an amazing journey. I do see face-to-face clients, but most of my work is on Skype. I work with a lot of network Marketers, who I love because they tend to be committed to personal development and see the merit in it.

My job is to identify and remove blocks to progress, work to eliminate limiting beliefs, whether that’s a phobia or limiting beliefs around money and everything in between. We also set goals and workout strategies to achieve them. I work a two limb approach. Firstly the removal of blocks and secondly, the use of positive psychology to maintain positive state.

I work with EFT, Matrix reimprinting (which is really exciting), guided visualization techniques, breathing techniques, anchoring and mindfulness, amongst many other coaching tools”.


3.       Why did you start your own business?

I am not so sure I started, the business, as the business started itself. It all happened fast. I had a strong focus and a strong wanting to get these superb techniques out to the world and the energy and momentum I had seemed to be all that was needed. I work from and coach from a Law of Attraction perspective, so I believe that positive focus and maintaining a state of appreciation for everything we have is a huge part of getting what we want. I was light about it, but deeply focused on the outcome of working with the right clients and everything has flowed. I find that the way I teach, this starts to happen for my clients, provided they are committed to and apply the tools given.

4.       How did you choose this particular niche?

My Niche has become business clients with a big bias toward network marketers. I didn’t so much choose the Niche market as set the strong intention of the type of people I wanted to work with. This has lead to this Niche. As I mentioned above, these people have a tendency to gel with my coaching style.  I am a clear thinking, straight talking, empathic yet extremely practical person and my coaching style reflects this approach.

5.       What do you like most and least about being your own boss?

I love everything about being my own boss. You work hard, but you do it for yourself and that makes all the difference to me. I wake up everyday excited to see how I can help the clients for that day. Clients become more like friends after time, but that strengthens the bond and I am very good at getting the best out of people.

If I had to say what was hard, it would be trying to be everything. By that I mean wearing all the hats. It is easy to become everything from the cleaner to the accountant. It is important to get some help where necessary and leverage your own time, which is one principle I stick by and teach. I also think, self care is easily let go of, but is absolutely key. If you are not prepared to invest in yourself, it is easy to burn out. You are all you have in a small business.

6.       What personality traits and skills are needed to run a business?

From working with clients I would say, that everyone has their individual differences which is what makes the world go around. However, what I teach my entrepreneurs I call the 6P principle, you can read all about this on my website, however it stands for Pledge, Peace, Precision, Poise, Pluck and Passion.  In my opinion this covers it all. It is the right kind of relax mentality, combined with laser sharp thinking and clarity of goals and intentions. However, the biggest thing is the passion for what you do and being willing to go the extra mile.
7.       What has been the most difficult part of being an entrepreneur?

Being willing to give up a well paid job with regular income to try something very different, in an area of the UK that is not near a major city. Being willing to take the plunge and hold the faith at the odd difficult moment. However, the tools I use and teach have made this much more manageable.

8.       Do you have any resources that you have used to build your business that you would recommend? 

At the risk of repeating myself a bit, the tools I use and teach!

9.       Do you have any tips to share on promoting yourself?

This may not be the case for all business types of course, however I think it is fairly universal. Ask for referrals. Ask clients who they know that would benefit from your services. Talk to anyone that will listen about what you do. Social media posting is also immensely valuable. Ask people for favours and pay it forward! Always give too, don’t just expect people to do for you.

10.   What other advice would like to share with someone starting their own business? 

Be brave, be bold, be passionate, be sure and hire a coach.

11. How can we contact you to learn more about your products and services? 

 12. Is there anything else you would like to share?

A youtube interview with me by Sharon King Author of Matrix Birth Reimprinting book where  I tell my story

Plus, I would like to offer a special deal to all the readers of this blog!  For a limited time, I will provide a 90-minute session for $65, if they go to and put AMERICAN CLIENT offer in the subject line.

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