Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Shining the Spotlight on Moji Mandi!

I love shining the spotlight on my friends!  Especially when they are as giving and loving as this one.  Once you get to know her, you'll love her like I do.  Meet "Moji Mandi" (we all call her Amanda)!

1.       Amanda, tell us about yourself.

I am a work at home mom of 3 little ones (8, 5 & 2) with a spouse of 15 years. Also a pet owner. and chronic hobbyist, haha!  So many interests it would be impossible to list them all.  Top of the list is photography and my personal quest to wake up every day and live that day to the fullest.  I also sell MojiLife which is currently part time as I build and bring it up to a full time business.  I volunteer for an animal rescue and I have been teaching photography to my son's kindergarten class.
Years of financial and personal stress made me someone I didn’t want to be and I am rediscovering myself and fighting to be the best me ever!  I welcome anyone who wants to join me!

2.       Tell us about your business
MojiLife, started out as a fragrance company, but it has become so much more!  We offer products to allow you to enjoy every moment and take those moments for yourself to make sure you are as stress free as possible to allow you to enjoy life to the best of your abilities.

From the Airmoji (a rechargeable, programmable, wax and heart free fragrance device) to bath bombs to virtual reality goggles, we offer natural ways to relax.

3.       Why did you start your own business?

I dreamed of having my own shop or company since I was young.  I lost site of that little dream until I found my first opportunity.
My first business was also in network marketing and I joined because I thought it would he fun and I could make a little extra cash because money was often tight.  I was totally wrong.  It was hard work and not easy but if you can put in the hours it can be very rewarding.  I struggled and let the company go.

When I found MojiLife I was very excited about the product because it resolved some issues I had with my first company.  I was hesitant but decided I would join to prove to myself that I can buckle down and make it work.  With none of the excuses I had for my lack of success with the first company, I joined to try the product and loved it and decided I would keep selling it.
4.       How did you choose this particular niche?

I have memories of smelling the lilac tree in my yard as a kid.  The right fragrance can calm or invigorate me.  So I felt this was a good stepping off point towards building a business about taking care of ourselves.  This gave me a product and branding to go crazy with while I develop a bigger dream.
5.       What do you like most and least about being your own boss?

I love that I can be at home with my kids.  I want to be a mom who is always here and involved as much as possible. Working from home gives me that.
What I like least is the challenge of time management.  As my kids get older they start sports and activities and time gets tighter and it becomes more difficult making time for myself and my business so sometimes tasks get left later than I like but its teaching me even greater patience and to develop better systems to manage my time.  It motivates me to get in shape so I can accomplish physical tasks faster.  So it’s the toughest part but you can't deny it has a silver lining

6.       What personality traits and skills are needed to run a business?
You need to have patience.  It can take time to build a business.  Especially these days with so many doing it.  You need to play the long game and build a network of people you connect with.

You need to be stubborn enough to want to push past the lows and flexible and open minded enough to ready for opportunities or necessary changes.

7.       What has been the most difficult part of being an entrepreneur?

Making the time for your business.  My family comes first and short term that delays business and personal tasks.  You have to remind yourself that in the long run the potential income and showing your kids the person you want to be has amazing benefits for them as growing people.
8.       Do you have any resources that you have used to build your business that you would recommend?

Use what your city offers you.  Events, trainings. I also follow a number of social media gurus that I frequently get inspiration from.  I recommend the book Go Pro by Eric Worre.  It was an excellent read.  I follow Fraser Brookes and Fallon Zoe on Facebook.  Tons of value there.  Of course I have to mention the Ninja Marketers group.  This group has become more than just getting tips and resources. We are all supporting each other and it is my favourite business group.
9.       Do you have any tips to share on promoting yourself?

Figure out the awesome person you are.  Be that person every day you can, even when you make a mistake or just don’t feel like it.  Share that person with the world.  You'll find your tribe.  They'll find you and you’ll start to build a world to share your business with.

10. What other advice would like to share with someone starting their own business? 
Free resources are abundant.  Take advantage of them.  I know many people don’t have much, if anything, when starting out. Take advantage of the any free resources you can find and don’t feel guilty about it.  You’ll start to find the people who are sharing value because they care and you'll connect and eventually you’ll find the people you really want to learn from.  As you make money set aside 10% or more to save to invest in yourself.  Then take the courses of those you’ve connected with and watch your business soar!

11.   How can we contact you to learn more about your products and services?
My Facebookpage.  I can get messages there.  And on Instagram.  Or you can always contact me via my email.

12.   Is there anything else you would like to share?

Be consistent. Try to work your biz a little each day.  Even if it’s just to update your files.
Word your posts from the heart to make sure they show you and your individuality.

Don’t be ashamed or nervous to be excited about your product.  Sometimes that alone will get you a sale without feeling like you're being pushy.

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