Monday, August 27, 2007

To do list

You absolutely must accomplish two things this week. First, if you haven't submitted your site (whether it's a website, a blog, a feed, or all three), you need to get that done. Second, you must register for Ken McArthur's jvAlert event.

I told you last post that Ken's next event was being planned. Well, I just got word that he has opened registration. I know there are dozens of seminars and workshops and conferences - all supposedly to help you make money on the internet. The difference between those events and Ken's - Ken's really works. It's not him ... It's not the speakers ... It's not the place or the time ...
It's just the perfect mix of people that have good hearts and generous, brilliant minds, all in one place in a setting that is small enough to be able to build the friendships that real partnerships and real profits are based on.
Imagine brilliant marketers helping people who have never made a dime on the Internet -- at the same time that they build their own businesses by working with some of the best marketers in the world.

Check it out at and if there is any way you can make it, I highly recommend it. And when you see Ken, tell him Melodieann sent you! I don't get any kind of referral fee or anything, but I want Ken to know that I think jvAlert is valuable enough that I recommend it to everyone I know.

I also told you last post I would teach you how to submit to search engines. I had to learn how to do this myself and it wasn't that hard. Previously, I just let my websites take their time and hopefully pop up one day on the search engines by gaining hits. The problem with that is it takes FOREVER! And I don't want to wait that long anymore. I'm guessing you don't either. So let's speed things up a bit.

I learned there are two ways to do this - manually and or using a program like Web CEO. For the big guns like Google and Yahoo, manually is the only way to do it. Then use Web CEO or a similar program to submit to the smaller search engines.

Submitting to Yahoo and Google is very straightforward. Let's start with Yahoo. Got to their website ( At the very bottom of the page is look for "suggest a site." Click on it. You will go to Yahoo's Submit your Site page. Here you can choose either the free listing or the premium listing which has a nonrefundable annual fee of $49 per URL. Click on the one you want and follow the instructions. It's a snap!

Submitting to Google is similar. Simply go to their submission page at and add your site. It's even easier than Yahoo.

Now that you have the hang of search engine submittals, you can do more on your own. Simply go to more search engines such as MSN, Dogpile, and Lycos and keep submitting your URL .

Well, it's 3:00am and I'm tired. I have some more exciting news to share but I think I will let it wait until next time. Meanwhile, don't forget your to do list!

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