Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One Person CAN Make a Difference

Do You Believe That One Person Can Make A Difference? My good friend Cheryl Antier does. And she need you to help prove it. If you don't believe it's possible then skip this post. If you do - read on. #

1. Think about what issue you're passionate about. Is it helping kids? The environment? Literacy? The elderly? Reducing violence? The Experiment and What You Can Do: On 10/2, Cheryl is giving a free teleconference for VISTA Volunteers. VISTA is like the domestic branch of the Peace Corps. Volunteers spend a year working some of the poorest neighborhoods in the USA working on poverty issues - like those mentioned above. They're thrown into their projects without resources, skills or training and have 12 months to create a sustainable project. That's why she's doing the conference - she served 3 terms of service. She was a VISTA during 9/11. This is her way of giving back. 150 VISTA Volunteers signed up. They’re all working on worthy projects and want to make a difference in their communities - maybe even yours. But if not, they're working on issues that you care about. I'm asking you to reach out and help. As a former VISTA volunteer myself, I can tell you these young people need your support. You could help build a playground, see to it that a child has a home, or enough food to eat tonight. It doesn't take much to make a difference. If you don't have the time, then write a check - and know that you're changing a life. Maybe you have an old computer - one of Cheryl's VISTAs needs computers. Another needs formula and diapers for parents who have more month than money... If you're a business owner, what about donating a case of printer paper, or postage stamps? Or donate a product or service or an hour of your time? #2: Ask someone who is in your circle of influence to help too. It doesn't have to be Cheryl's VISTAs - help a cause you support. Say it’s part of the "Activist's Guide" experiment & post on the blog, so she can track results. Deadline: 10/1. Go here:

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