Friday, February 6, 2009

The Magic of jvAlert

It's 4:30 am and I have finally had to concede that once again there will be very little sleep this weekend. It's been such a great day already, that I'm too excited too sleep - and it's only the first day! Oh wait - I haven't even told you where I am yet. I'm sitting in my suite at the Caribe Royale Orlando preparing for the first full day of another jvAlert Live! event. I've only been here about 12 hours and I've already made enough new contacts and picked up enough new tips and ideas to make it a worthwhile trip. And the best is yet to come. Of course, you will reap much of the benefit because several of the other attendees have already graciously consented to let me share some of their expertise with you!

What is so special about a jvAlert Live event? Imagine attending 2 days of workshops and seminars conducted by some of the best minds in business and internet marketing. Ken McArthur, Willie Crawford, Michael Angier - they're all here. In fact I met Ken first thing as soon as I checked in. This is his event and as is his custom, he was sitting in the lobby of the hotel waiting to greet his guests as they arrived. Wendy Y. Bailey is here, and so is Felicia Slattery. My friend Rhonda and her companion dog, Molly Flagtail are here again. Rhonda and Molly actually helped me create the "Adventures of Traveling Bob." We were sitting in the hotel lounge at a previous jvAlert just tossing around some ideas and before the evening was over, "Traveling Bob" was born.

Actually, that's the magic of jvAlert. Sure you can attend marketing seminars of all kinds. Willie, Michael and many of the other "great names" in business and internet marketing conduct their own events. But jvAlert is different. While you do learn so much from the presentations and panels, workshops and seminars, the greatest benefit comes after the "official" events are finished for the day. Because that's when the networking happens. Imagine sitting in the hotel lobby or the lounge or coffee shop and having a one-on-one conversation with Willie Crawford. Imagine having Wendy Bailey stop by your room that night to be interviewed for a blog post or your latest book. Or being asked to film a promotional video for one of your sites to help promote the event itself. Meeting people who have made millions in internet marketing and online businesses, sharing ideas with them, getting advice from them. I already have several new ideas and I've only been here 12 hours! If you have ever attended this event, you'll know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, you need to, because otherwise you can only imagine the all that happens here! It's life changing! Don't believe me? Here's a quote from my friend Linda Gracy. I brought her with me this weekend. It's her first jvAlert Live. She was thrilled when I introduced her to Ken and Willie. And then she got to sit in the lounge with us last night and bounce around some business promotion ideas. Linda's reaction after we returned to our suite? "OMG! The energy! The excitement! The people! Thank you so much for bringing me, Melodieann! Why didn't you twist my arm the first time you invited me?"

There's room's time to get ready for the first full day of jvAlert. But I will be back this evening - filling you in on all that happened, sharing ideas, tips, and information from the best of the best. And photos! I actually remembered the camera this time so that you can finally have some faces to put with names. Stand by - it's going to be a wild weekend and YOU are going to experience it as much as possible. And hopefully, at the next event, I'll be saying "and guess who else is here?" Will it be you?


Karen O'Bannon said...

Not only does it sound like a lot of fun, it also has the ring of an informative event.

Eileen Williams said...


You're already my guru of Internet marketing with this wonderful blog. I can't wait to learn what you're taking away from the conference. Thanks so much for sharing your insights and information with your readers. Reading your blog is truly inspiring!

Virtual Woman's Day said...

Dear Melodieanne,

Your post reminded me of why I love going to conferences. JVAlert sounds wonderful! I must attend next year!

Warmest regards,

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