Sunday, August 9, 2009

Women Entrepreneurs

Traditionally, when we think of entrepreneurs, we think of men. When we do think of women entrepreneurs, we tend to think of those ultra-successful, high-powered, women - the Oprah Winfreys and the Mary Kay Ashes of the world. But today, more and more women are becoming entrepreneurs. And while they may not be household names yet, they make decent livings and have the pleasure of knowing they are doing it on their terms. Let me introduce you to some of my favorites. Who knows - maybe they will inspire you to join our ranks and step out on your own!

1. Beverly Mahone - Beverly is a veteran journalist, author, media coach and motivational speaker who writes about issues affecting middle-aged women in her book, "Whatever! A Baby Boomer’s Journey Into Middle Age." After more than 25 years in the news business, Bev decided she wanted to stay at home and write full time. She now uses her journalism skills and experience as a featured writer for, Bonkers and Passionate For Life Magazines and as the host of a weekly show on BlogTalk Radio called Passions. She also shares her media expertise as a consultant to train individuals how to market themselves to radio, television and newspaper professionals through her company, BAM Enterprises. As the founder of Boomer Diva Nation, Bev has brought together a network of over-40 women from all walks of life who share their experiences and skills in support of each other and other baby boomer women.

2. Denise Michaels - Denise is a marketing mentor, speaker and author of the business bestseller, "Testosterone Free Marketing." With over 20 years of experience in marketing, selling, strategic planning, public relations and promotions, copywriting, advertising and online marketing, Denise helps enterprising women - and men - to create their own success and increase their cash flow. Her goal is to help women “Revolutionize their capacity to flex their marketing muscle.” A resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, Denise originally hails from Detroit, Michigan. Visit her online at

3. Karen Batchelor - Karen is a lawyer, former corporate executive now certified professional coach BIG into helping women in midlife achieve success and happiness through career and life makeovers. Karen had 20 years in the practice of law and as an executive in corporate America. Now she combines her diverse and extensive professional skills with her natural blend of creativity, enthusiasm and humor to support and encourage others as they rediscover and reinvent themselves in the uncertain times of midlife and a troubled economy. She's a wonderful lady and a fellow Boomer Diva. Get to know her better at

4. Felicia Slattery - I've known Felicia "virtually" for years and finally got to meet her in person this past February. She was every bit as dynamic and energetic in person as she is online. Be careful - you might have trouble keeping up! Felicia is a communication consultant, speaker, and coach specializing in training busy professionals to succeed by communicating effectively with clients and prospects. She teaches teleseminars, leads workshops, and offers private coaching to individual clients on improving their communication skills in order to present their best image. A published author and popular public speaker, Felicia began her consulting and coaching business in early 2006 when she decided it was time to take the communication skills she'd been teaching for years and offer that same knowledge to people outside the classroom. Take advantage of her knowledge at

5. Linda Gracy - Linda is actually partially responsible for my success. As she was starting out on her latest venture, she would often call and ask me how to do this, or that, or something else. I discovered that, far from being annoying, I actually enjoyed teaching her and watching her success. Linda was an insurance agent, then a high school math teacher. But when her kids were little, she wanted to stay home with them. Of course, it took both her husband's and her paychecks to pay the bills, so she had to find a way to replace her teaching salary. So she started her search for a home-based business that would let her stay home without the selling. It took her 19 years to find it, but once she found it, it only took a few months before she was able to kiss that 19-year career goodbye. Find out how she did at

6. Betty Lynch - Cookbook author, writer, and foodie - that's Betty Lynch. Author of the popular cookbook Back to the Table with My Country Kitchen, Betty has turned her love of cooking and good food into a business that provides you with recipes, ideas, tips, cookbooks, and more to help make your time in the kitchen stress free. Her recipes have become some of my family's favorites. Find your own favorites at

7. Heidi Caswell - Heidi's business fascinated me when I first met her. I had never heard of it before. A personal touch consultant? What is that? Heidi describes it as showing others how to use technology to build relationships, both personal and professional, to set yourself apart. Now that I understand, I have become an ardent fan. Too many of us get caught up in the technology and forget that small personal touch that will make us stand out in the virtual crowd. Her favorite tools are SendOutCards and blogs, although there are many other ways to follow up and stay in touch. Find out how to add your personal touch to your business at

8. Wendy Y. Bailey - Affectionately called “WendyY” by her clients, business associates and coaching colleagues, Wendy Y. Bailey is a Master Certified Group Coach, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Certified Experienced Coach. WendyY leveraged more than 20 years of leadership and management experience and expertise leading hundreds of teleseminars, live workshops and small group training sessions to create Group Mastery for Speakers, Trainers and Workshop Leaders. I have had the pleasure of meeting her in person and having her as a teleseminar guest. Both times, she taught me a great deal. Meet the unforgettable WendyY at

9. Teri Dempski - Teri started her online virtual assistant company in 2007, and can handle most administrative tasks, as she has a professional team of subcontractors in place. Teri is certified as an author’s assistant, and internet marketing virtual assistant. She is passionate about training people new to Web 2.0 tools for online social media marketing how to use them to full advantage. She trains clients both online and offline, though she prefers working online. Contact Teri at

10. Kathie Thomas - Kathie is a successful Virtual Assistant with a 14+ year old practice. She was a VA before the term ‘virtual assistant’ was in use. The founder of A Clayton’s Secretary, established March 1994, she pioneered the Virtual Assistant industry in Australia. Prior to establishing her business she had a background of 23 years’ secretarial/administrative experience in the corporate world, working for CEOs and MDs as well as project groups. Now she is a published author, blogger, speaker, VA coach and passionate photographer in Melbourne, Australia. Meet this amazing woman at

I could have listed many more women entrepreneurs than I have here. Pam Archer, Eileen Williams, Sharon Williams, Heidi Richards Mooney, and the one-of-a-kind Pop Art Diva all deserve mention. But space is limited so I chose these 10 for one common factor. Have you guessed what it is? They are all fabulous examples of how to take something you already know how to do and love doing and put it work for you. What is your passion? What skills do you bring? Will I be able to list you on a future post of my favorite women entrepreneurs? Hope to see you there!


Melanie said...


So happy to see Felicia Slattery on your roster! I have known her "virtually" for quite a while and she's definitely my kind of gal. Public speaking is one of my greatest passions - been at it for almost three decades. So crossing social media paths with Felicia is always a pleasure.

Wishing you a magical and meaningful day,
Melanie Kissell

Felicia Slattery said...

WOW! Melodieann!!!

I am speechless (I know, rare, right? LOL!) and blushing. Thank you so much for including me in your list of Top 10 favorite entrepreneurs. And then to see my name again in the comments from Melanie... well, let's just say I'm honored, humbled, and grateful.

I agree, the others you have on your list are amazing women indeed, and I count myself as blessed to be in your company and theirs.


Heidi Caswell said...

Thanks Melodiann!

What a nice surprise to find myself and several other ladies I admire on your list. Much appreciated! Cool ladies one and all, yourself included.

Teri said...


What a serendipitous moment for me to be included in such a distinguished list of online business women I admire. I am elated!

Like Felicia Slattery, (amazing entrepreneur)I am speechless! I cannot thank you enough for introducing my business to your readers; you exemplify everything that is right about social networking. Bravo!

Virtual Assistant said...

Thanks melody, i admired how you become and deserves to be successful in life. I myself like to follow your path.