Saturday, October 6, 2012

Enough Is Enough - Or Is It?

My college marketing class taught that the average customer needed to be exposed to your product/service at least 7 times before they would decide to buy.  Years later, when I was working as a marketing representative at a biotech company, we still adhered to that rule, making sure we contacted prospective customers at least 7 times.  But never any more than 7.  Any more than that and you risked becoming a nuisance and alienating prospects. 

But times have changed.  Perhaps the internet, while making the world more accessible, also makes it harder to tell a reputable company or a reliable product from junk and scams.  Or perhaps society has just grown more skeptical as a whole.  Whatever the reason, I am finding it often takes more than 7 contacts before a prospect makes the buy from me.  Sometimes many more.

I know I am much more careful before spending my money than I used to be.  After falling prey to a couple of scammers and purchasing some outright crap online, I now make sure I do all I can to learn as much as possible about a prospective purchase before I make it.  I may visit their site or their store several times.  I may compare prices and features online.  If I am buying online I may try to contact the person or company to see if they respond.  And if I have already received multiple communications from you, you are that much further ahead of the game.

Many of my clients hesitate to make repeated contact with their market.  They are afraid they might be accused of spam.  They feel they might annoy people if they contact them too frequently.  But think about it.  I need quite a bit of time - and contact - before I make a buying decision.  Most of my customers require the same.  I'm willing to bet you do also.  So why would your customers be any different?  If you are keeping your name in front of them in ways that build value, they will welcome contact from you. 

Are you doing everything you can to keep your name in front of your market?  If not, now is the time to get started.  Design a marketing plan that includes a system for making repeated contact with your prospects and customers.  Not one time.  Not 7 times.  Not 10 times.  As many times as it takes.  Make sure you are creating value for them so you are considered a resource and not a bother.  Your market will thank you.  And that means cash in your pocket.

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