Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Facebook fanatic? Tweet-aholic? Mad for Pinterest? Tell Us Why!

Social media - whether you love it or hate it - is here to stay.  Everyday, it seems like a new one springs up.  First there was MySpace.  Then Facebook and Twitter.  Google+, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, and Tumblr - and probably dozens more I can't even name. 

During a lunchtime meeting of my mastermind group, the subject of social media came up.  It seems we all have a favorite.  I am a huge Twitter fan.  Linda loves Facebook.  Jessie's new passion is Pinterest.  And Mike prefers LinkedIn and Google+.  What I found most interesting, though, is not that we each had a particular favorite, but that much of our reason for preferring one over the other actually had very little do with which one was best for our business.  We all use social media to help build our businesses, but few of us could actually tell which of our clients, customers, and subscribers actually frequented the same social media sites we did.  Sad, isn't it?  But it led us to an interesting research project.  Each of us has decided to use our blogs and/or websites to get some information on social media.  Something may come of it - a report or at least a blog post.  But mostly, we just want to satisfy our own curiosity.  How many others favor a particular social media site for reasons other than it's the best one for your business? 

So, here goes: Which social media site do you focus on for your business and why?  Answer by leaving a comment.  Maybe you can help coach the coaches by showing them why your favorite platform is the one we should also be using - because it's best for our businesses and not because we like the fact that interactions are limited to 140 characters!

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