Sunday, March 10, 2013

Networking Marketing Tip - Buying Leads is a Waste of Money

I've been involved in network marketing for years. Melaleuca, Amway, and countless others. I jumped from one opportunity to the next, spending a few months in each one.  I made very little money.  In fact, sometimes I LOST money.  Nothing worked for me. I was beginning to believe that network marketing was just one big scam - until I learned the proper way to build a business.

One of my team members called me last night to ask if I was interested in partnering with her on purchasing some leads. They were a little expensive, but they were "qualified" leads so they had to be good. And she wanted to buy several hundred so she could get the best deal. But she couldn't afford to and besides she'd never call all of them. That's why she wanted to share.

I can promise you - buying leads doesn't work. I have bought lots of leads over the years. I have made hundreds of calls every week. Want to know how many people I actually enrolled in anything that way? Two.

No fun. This is what frightens people away from network marketing. Either you shove the business down the throat of everyone you know. Or you spend lots of money and countless hours buying and calling leads to people that really have no interest in your business. They are looking for that "get rich overnight without any effort" business that doesn't exist and they fill out every form on every website for information.

So how do you find team members and/or customers? Simple. Make them come to you. Once you can do that, you've got it made. How do you make them do that? You have to understand some basic principles.

First, you are not selling your business or products. You are selling yourself. How do I know this is true? Easy. I have watched successful network marketers move from one business to another and take their entire downlines with them.  Sometimes these people didn't know anything about the business they were joining.  But they went anyway.  They weren't following the business.  They were following their leader.  They were making the move simply because their leader said it's a good thing.

Second, people follow leaders. If you are not a leader, you need to learn how to become one - soon. I'm not saying there isn't a place for followers. Sometimes we all need to follow and without followers we wouldn't need leaders. But if you want to build a successful team, you have to take the lead.

Third, leaders are valuable people and the more valuable you are to others, the more they will seek you out.

If you aren't bringing any value to your team, why should they join you? "But I haven't been in the business that long", you say. "What value can I bring?" Fortunately, you can learn the skills to become a person of value no matter what business opportunity you are in. I'll tell you how in a minute.

Two steps are necessary to becoming a successful network marketer. Education and marketing. You must become the leader and increase your value. That's the education part. Then you must learn to show your prospects just how valuable you are. That's called marketing.

Now I promised you I would share with you how to learn much of what you need to know to become a leader in network marketing. You can learn it the same way I did. Mike Dillard, one of the (if not THE) most successful network marketer of all time, has a fabulous course. I took it and it changed my life. It's called "Magnetic Sponsoring." It will teach you how to attract endless new business partners and customers to you. It's how I teach everyone on my team to build their businesses. Those that follow these principles excel. It's how I bring value to my team - by sharing what I've learned. You can learn these secrets one of two ways. Join my team and I'll teach you myself. Or you can purchase Mike's course directly at Magnetic Sponsoring.

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