Sunday, April 28, 2013

6 Other Blogs Worth Reading

Not only do I write several blogs, I read many every day. I am always looking for sources of good information and blogs are some of the best. Of course, like everything else, not all blogs are created equal. These are some of the ones I read regularly - because they are some of the best!

Ken McArthur. If Ken shares it, it's worth reading. The man is a business and marketing genius. His latest post on knowing your audience is right on the mark.

Bob The Teacher. I have been a fan of Bob Jenkins (aka Bob the Teacher) for years. I was surprised by how young he was when I first met him. Based on his level of expertise, I admit I was expecting someone more "experienced". But Bob knows what he is talking about. I love his latest post.  He provides step-by-step instructions to fix an email marketing mistake that many internet newbies make.  I wish I had known this sooner!  Been there...done that!

ProBlogger. I first discovered ProBlogger through a teleseminar I attended several years ago. I have been reading his blog ever since. I have used much of what I learned from him to enhance my own blogs. And I will be taking some ideas from his post Do You Know These Time Saving Blog Tips.

Carrie Wilkerson. I met Carrie at the very first jvAlert Live event I ever attended. I was so impressed, I went back to my room that night and started reading everything she wrote. I am still a fan today. She has a way of making you take a hard look at yourself and your business and asking the questions that make you think! As in this post, Are you living in a cave?

Redhead Marketing. Written by the Redhead herself, Heidi Richards Mooney, this is one of my favorite business blogs. Heidi is a one-stop shop for information on everything you need to know about your home business. If you're a fellow blogger looking for some ways to cash in on your blogging,  check out her latest post, 10 Ways to Make Money with a WordPress Blog.

bizchickblogs. I have already mentioned Tia and her blog on another blog post, How to Get That Link Love. I'm still reading her and still loving her blog. Her latest post really gets you thinking about how something as simple as attitude can impact your business - or even our entire economy.  Go read Why are we all such a bunch of Lemmings?

Do you have a favorite business blog? Feel free to share!

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