Sunday, June 23, 2013

Network Marketing Tip - Always Tell The Truth!

Network marketing has a bad reputation in some circles. It's been called a pyramid, illegal, a scam, a ripoff - and these are some of the nicer things said about it. And because if this reputation, it can be difficult to present your opportunity to others. You might be embarrassed or afraid because you think you know what your prospect is going to say. And indeed, they might reject you, laugh at you, and ask you questions you'd rather not deal with. How do you overcome this. I have only one suggestion - Always Tell The Truth!

There are pyramids and scams aplenty out there masquerading as legitimate business opportunities. And there are dishonest people who are so focused on making a fast dollar that they lie about the business they are in just to sponsor one more person. These are the things that have given network marketing it's bad name. The only way we will overcome it is if all true network marketers promote their businesses with integrity.

What can we do? First, always answer questions honestly. "How much are you making?" Don't lie and say you're making a fortune if you aren't. Tell the truth. If you aren't making any money yet and don't want to admit it, then turn the question back with a simple response that I was taught to use. "It doesn't matter what I'm making. What matters is how much you want to make."

"How much does it cost?" Again, tell the truth. I joined a company a few years ago when my sponsor told me it was completely free to join. What he neglected to tell me was that in order to get paid by the company I had to have a certain number of points which I would receive by ordering the product. The cost of the product was $145 and I was supposed to order every month. So in reality, it isn't free to join this business. It's $145 per month. Does that mean it's a bad company? Not at all. But I sure felt cheated for a while. I always tell my prospects that exactly what it costs to join and exactly what they have to do to make any money.

"How long have you been doing this?" Don't lie! If you've been doing it for years say so, even if you aren't making money. You can always explain that. When my husband and I first started network marketing, we signed up, paid our fee - and then did absolutely nothing for almost two months. Therefore we made absolutely no money. Then I quit my job to take care of my father and we decided we had better get serious about this. So I told my prospects, when they asked, the truth. I've been doing it for almost three months. If they didn't say anything, then I didn't say anything more. If they did ask what I was making, I used the response given in the example above. And if they knew I wasn't making much yet and wanted to know why I told them the truth. I hadn't been working my business. Sometimes they believed me and sometimes they didn't.

"Isn't everyone doing this already?" Be honest. When I signed up to sell Amway (yes I admit it!), it seemed like there was an Amway rep on every corner. It was sort of discouraging. Same with Melaleuca and Mary Kay. And it wouldn't have been a problem except that I had been assured by my sponsor that the area was still wide open. So if someone asks me this question, I tell them the company has been around for quite a while. The Arkansas team is huge. You don't have to market and recruit locally. I have teams in Dallas, Florida, Las Vegas, Canada, and Missouri and who knows where else. I have customers all over the country. So now my prospects know that they can do the same.

"How long will it take to make any money?" and "How much time will it take?" These two go hand in hand. If I hear one more person tell me I can be making thousands in a few months with no effort, I think I'll scream. Can you make thousands in a few months? Yes. Will most people do so? No. Will they do it without any effort? Absolutely not. It's a business. Not all businesses are created equal. However all businesses take effort. In my town there is a small bookstore and coffee shop run by a friend of mine. On the other side of town there is a Barnes and Noble with a Starbucks. Two "identical" businesses. Does my friend make as much money as B&N? Of course not! Does that mean all bookstores are scams? Do both stores have to work to make their money? Let's see - someone has to order the books, put them on the shelves, interact with the customers, advertise the business, do the bookkeeping, keep the store clean - and probably many more things I'm not even aware of. Sounds like work to me! The same is true with network marketing. I don't know how long it will take you to make any money. I'm not you. But I can promise you, you will have to work. Because if you don't I can make you one more promise - you won't make a dime no matter how long you wait.

These are just some of the questions that can easily lead to misrepresentations and lies. If you have to lie to bring a prospect onto your team, you probably don't want them anyway because they aren't going to help you grow. They don't get it now or you wouldn't have to lie and they certainly won't get it later on because they bought into something that didn't exist. What they will do is go out and tell everyone they come into contact with that your business is a pyramid, illegal, a scam, and a ripoff.


Denise Michaels said...


This is must-read info for anyone in a MLM.

Did you know one of the members of my group book mentoring programs is writing a book about how to start a network marketing business?

Melodieann Whiteley said...

Thanks, Denise. I can't count you how many lies I was told when I was starting. The truth is so important.

A book about network marketing? Sounds like I need to meet the author!