Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Your State of Mind Is Critical!

Who feels like this today besides me? It starts with a thought like...
My vision is crystal clear, my focus intense, my goal is in sight and I am relentless. There is ZERO chance ANYTHING I want will get away.

Sometimes it can be difficult to focus on the positive, especially when you are starting a new business.  Every little setback or obstacle can feel insurmountable.  We feel like we are losing direction.  Maybe we are being foolish to think we can be entrepreneurs - especially at our age!

Most of us feel that self-doubt when we are trying to go through this alone.  But you are not alone!  If you are reading this, then you are part of an amazing community of people who are here to support and help each other.  Reach out to us!  Leave a comment.  Find us on social media.  Connect with us.  Trust me, we have all felt doubt and despair.  And we have all been lifted up by the fabulous people we surround ourselves with.  We'll give you all the advice, support, or kick-in-the pants you need!

And when you accomplish a goal or hit a milestone, let us know.  We will celebrate with you, promote you, and shout your achievement to the world.

I was just reminded of how important it is to have a support group after attending a wonderful 4-day event in Orlando.  Spending all that time in a room with like-minded people was empowering.  It was like a breath of fresh air - or maybe I should say a gale force wind because it completely swept my mind free of some negative thoughts I'd been having.  I remembered all the people who had reached out to me when I felt like quitting.  And I knew I had to go back and remind everyone of the same thing - you are not in this alone! 

Your mindset IS critical!  But keeping a positive mindset is easier when you are surrounded by like-minded, positive people.  Join us!  We're here for you. 

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