Sunday, March 15, 2015

How to Make Saying “Yes” a No-Brainer

The next strategy for landing your dream client is to make saying yes to your coaching services a total no-brainer.
Stop and think for a minute.  Have you ever been to a website before where it was so busy (a gazillion navigation buttons, a bunch of different options to buy one product, a notification to do this or wait, do this instead) that you could not choose which button to click?  What did you do? More than likely you went away without doing anything, including spending any money with them!
A confused person doesn't know what to do and instead of doing something, they do nothing instead. And that's not what you want for your coaching business.  You want people to have clarity about what you're offering and clear guidance on how to get it.
So, how do you achieve this?
You have to give your prospective clients a very clear call to action.  This means don't give them a bunch of different options to choose from or things they have to think about.  Keep it simple!  Spell it out for them.
Another way to make saying yes to you easy is to play on their emotions.  We're not talking about being manipulative here, but instead playing off of one very normal emotion all people experience - regret.
For example, you can play on this emotion of regret by letting your potential clients know that if they don't act now, they'll miss out on the special price.  If they don't act now, they’ll find themselves regretting the decision because when they do come back they’ll see the price increase.  You can also do this by mentioning to the prospective client that you only have one opening available right now for a coaching client.  Again, if they don't act now they’ll find themselves regretting that decision when they come back and you can't take them on.
All in all, when it comes to making the “yes” easy, it's just a matter of playing off their emotions in a positive way, and showing them (by your social presence/proof, expert articles, guest expert appearances on podcasts, etc.) you have the solution they're looking for.  And once you've closed the sale, put it in writing for them.  Have them sign a contract.  This will spell out exactly what they're getting and leave no area for questioning.

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