Monday, April 13, 2015

Network Marketing Terms

When Noah Webster was creating his dictionary, I'm sure he never dreamed of word like these!  Some of the terms used in network marketing can be confusing to new team members.  Here’s a short glossary of some of the more common ones.
Autoresponder:  A program such as Aweber that responds to an e-mail or other inquiry without human intervention.
Business Builder:  A team member who is actively gathering customers and building his own team.
Circle of Influence:  Friends and family.  People who are close to you and considered part of your warm market.  People who might be easily influenced by you because of your reputation.
Depth:  The number of levels in your Network Marketing organization.
Downline:  The people recruited as distributors into a network marketing company.  
Duplicatability:  The extent to which a Network Marketing opportunity can be easily understood and implemented by new team members.
Renewal Fee:  A yearly fee paid to a Network Marketing company in order to maintain your status as a distributor.
Saturation:  The theoretical point at which a network marketing company runs out of potential customers and recruits.
Sponsor:  A distributor in a Network Marketing company who recruits and trains another distributor.
Three-way or Three-way call:  A recruiting call between a new recruit, his sponsor, and a new prospect.  When a new recruit needs has a new prospect, he will three-way his sponsor or another experienced upline member into the call.  The sponsor will do the business presentation and the recruit listens and learns.
Upline:  All of the people above you in a network marketing organization

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