Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wear Your Pajamas to Work!

April 16 is National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day.  And yes, I'm sitting here in my PJ's and drinking a cup of coffee while I write this.  But it wasn't always that way.

When Mom passed away in 2000, Dad was in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.  I knew he would not be able to take care of himself but no problem.  He had his pension and social security.  We would bring him to Arkansas and find him a nice assisted living facility that he could stay in close to us.  I will spare you the horror stories of nursing home care and assisted living facilities.  (Nothing like calling to see how your dad is and being told that he is missing!).  I'm sure there are wonderful facilities available - if you can pay for them.  But we felt we had no other choice but to care for him at home. And so my venture into the work-at-home world began.

I tried several different work at home "opportunities", until I finally found a legitimate business that let me work out of my home.  I went to work for one of the largest site selection and event planning companies in the world.  Everything was going well.  And then 9/11/2001 came and a recession and companies stopped having meetings. I continued in the business for a few more years.  But I was having to leave home - and my dad - more often to get business and even then I still wasn't getting the business I needed.  Meetings were still smaller and less frequent than when I started.  Except for one group of clients I had picked up by chance - the internet marketers.  Not only were they still having events, they were having more and more events all the time.  Then I was invited to attend one of these events by a client.  Curious to see what they were all about, I went.  And it was the decision that started everything and changed my life.

It was at the jvAlert event in Orlando that I met Ken McArthur and his friends.  And I discovered that contrary to what I thought, you don't have to be a business major to start a home business.  You don't have to be rich or super-smart or know all the "right" people.  All you have to be is determined and willing to work and willing to learn. And Ken and friends were willing to teach.  I learned all I could from them and took it back home.  And started making a better life for me and my family.  I stayed with the event planning company a while longer, but thanks to the marketing ideas I picked up from my new found friends, I didn't have to leave home as much.  I also rejoined a couple of those "opportunities" I had tried earlier - only this time I knew how to make them work.  I discovered affiliate marketing.  And I discovered there were a lot of people just like me that needed a way to bring in some extra money or actually make a living with a business of their own.  That's when I decided to show others how to do what I do.

Today, I am very involved in network marketing with a fabulous company called Ariix.  I love the network marketing industry - so much so that I have written a book about it that is scheduled to be published later this year!  Yes, I do have other ventures like coaching and Bob's store.  But my passion is for the network marketing industry because of its ability to help ordinary people change their lives.

So now I ask you.  Do you want the freedom to set your own schedule?  Do you want to be able to spend time making memories with your family before it's too late?  Do you want to wear your pajamas to work?  Then contact me.  Because the only thing I love more than building my network marketing business is helping you build yours!

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