Monday, February 29, 2016

Success Is A Journey

You're a little overweignt. Suddenly you see it! The hot new product that just hit the market. It's going to answer all your prayers. You buy it, and OMG! It works! The first 5 or 10 pounds just melt away.

You need some extra income. And wouldn't you know it? Your friend just signed up with a new company. It's amazing. People are making thousands of dollars overnight. You sign up. And... within a few days, you've enrolled a couple of your friends. Wow! This is easier than you thought it would be!

It’s only human nature to want things to be quick and easy, right? But when you get past those first 5 pounds what happens? You hit a plateau. Or you are very tired of tasteless, boring food and diet shakes. Now it's taking real, consistent work to keep losing. Eating right, drinking water, getting rest. But wait - what happened to that miracle quick fix plan?

You've enrolled a few of your best friends in your new company. But now you have run out of people you can pressure to join you. The rest of your friends and family have seen you do this before and aren't buying it this time. You sponsor and upline have pretty much abandoned you. Oh sure there are company "rah-rah" conference calls and some training that says keep bugging everyone you know or buy some leads and make some cold calls. But wait - this was supposed to be easy. You were supposed to make thousands of dollars in no time.

Sound familiar? New companies and new products all start out the same. Lots of excitement. Lots of hoopla. Everything is so easy. But eventually you will get to the point where it's going to take work - real, consistent work. That's when you need a team that will truly support you and show you the way. Or you can just keep jumping from one fad diet to the next, from one get-rich-quick company to another. And I promise you - 5 years from now you will be as physically and financially unfit as you ever were. I'm not trying to insult you. This is just reality.
True success is a journey, not a destination.  Sure, you can momentarily hit a goal.  And then you think you can stop working.  After all, this diet was supposed to be the last one you ever needed to try.  You've lost the weight easily and it will now magically stay off forever.  You've recruited a team and now you can relax and watch the money roll in.  But you have probably discovered by now that those promises just don't ever come true.  

If you're tired of jumping from product to product, program to program, company to company - if you're tired of promises that never materialize and plans that never pan out, let's talk.

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