Thursday, October 13, 2016

The 3 C's of Social Media

Guest post by Brandi Spencer
Did you now that only 3% on people on your social media feed are ready to by from you?

As you know, were living in the tech age.  Everything’s automated, digital, and designed for speed.  It seems like every article you read discusses the power that social media has in building a business. 

From what I've observed, most business owners use their social media profiles like billboards for the services and products that they currently offer.  This strategy only attracts 3% of people who are following you.  This 3% know they have a problem, want to solve the problem, and are willing to invest in solving the problem right then and there.  The other 97% need more TLC.  You still need to gain their loyalty and trust.

The C3 method of social media addresses the other 97% of you followers at any given time.   The method allows you to nurture the 97% and prepare them to work with you!  Sound Interesting?  Keep Reading!

The C3 Method of Growing Your Business with Social Media

  1. Content - Create valuable content that educates your customers around their problems and struggles.
  2. Conversations - Start authentic conversations with the people that you want to serve and find out how you can serve them.
  3. Capturing the Email Address - Provide opportunities to access information, tools, consultations in exchange for their email address.

What type of content should you be sharing via social media?

  •  Podcasts: Record a simple audio delivering content to solve one specific problem.
  •  Blog posts: Write your heart out and share your knowledge and expertise to help your prospective clients.
  •  Social Media Posts: Posts, images, and quotes that entertain, inspire, and speak for your ideal customers (and dream for them).

How Do You Start these conversations?

Don’t forget, it’s called social media!  Platforms like Facebook and Instagram were created to help people form relationships and build connections.  No matter how intimidating and scary some of the people on social media may look, they’re just people.  Strike up natural conversations.  Ask them about their day.  Find out what type of problems they’re struggling with.  Extend a hand to help them solve a problem.  Talk to them like normal, everyday people with a problem that you can possibly help them solve. But remember, the only way to help is to learn more about them, so always end your responses with another question!  Dig deeper!

You’ll be surprised how effective it is to say hello and ask if you can help them with anything!

What types of content and experiences (freebies) can I create to get their email address and allow them to experience more of you?

Create invitations for your ideal customers to connect with you and consume more content, in a more personal setting in exchange for their email addresses.  This allows you to communicate over time and nurture the 97% of potential customers who weren’t ready to buy on your social media.  By sending more valuable content consistently over time you are able to build the Know, Like, and Trust factor which translates into more sales for you!  Here are a few ideas of some freebies that you can offer.

  • Free Webinars and calls:  Teach your audience how to do something in a 45-minute webinar or teleconference.
  • Ebooks: Create a 3-10 page PDF that will allow the book worms to consume your content with ease.
  • Checklists and Templates:  Tools that save time and make your ideal customers life better (or easier).

Do you need to beef up your social media profiles and add more TARGETED followers who can see your content and offers? 
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Brandi L. Spencer is an Entrepreneur, Educator, and Speaker that helps women stand in their power and create the life they desire! Visit Brandi at for strategies and tips to build your empire with online marketing and technology tools.

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