Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Spirit of the Spartan Sprint

For whatever reason, with everything else I have going on right now, I recently decided to participate in a 31 Day Blog Challenge.  That means I am supposed to post a blog entry every day for the next 31 days.  I am also getting a presentation ready for jvAlert Live Denver at the end of the month, participating in the 21 Ways to Make Money Speaking coaching program, writing a book, running my businesses and trying to keep up with my home and family.  Do I look crazy to you?  I think I must be! 

In addition to writing each day, we are encouraged to read the posts of other participants.  So today, since my mind is mush and I didn't have one good idea to write about, I decided to do that first.  The first blog I checked out is A Pocketful of Rocks written by Lisa Friedt.  This was the first time I had checked out her blog and her post on Growth is Intentional was great.  I liked it so much that I scrolled down to read some of her previous posts.  And that's when I found her post about the Spartan Sprint. 

The Spartan Sprint is an obstacle race.  They hold events all over the world.  Her blog post described her participation in her first run.  I was a runner in my military days.  With a former Army Ranger for a husband and Seal Team members for friends, you almost had to be.  It was required!  So I wasn't that interested in how she prepped for her first event.  Been there.  Done that.  And while I must admit I haven't ran in years, I'm sure I could do it again if I chose to.

No, what caught my attention was the part where she wrote about how she and her team decided that no one would be left behind.  That they would finish as a team or not at all.  She wrote about finding a fellow runner on the course who had been abandoned by her team because she couldn't keep up.  To them is was all about the win.  Lisa and her team mates absorbed this woman into their group and with their help and encouragement she went on to finish.  Lots of life lessons to be learned here!

But the part that really struck me was when she shared what she had learned from this experience.  And as I was reading it, I realized that not only did it apply to running, or training, but to business.  And so  I would like to share Lisa's lessons with you and how they apply to your business.

Lisa's Lesson #1) I can do anything I set my mind to.  Lisa decided to run this race and she did it.  The same is true of building a business.  If you truly set your mind to it, you can do it.  The decision is yours.  Make the commitment and then go do it! 

Lisa's Lesson #2) With a strong, solid team you can jump farther, reach higher and make it through a set of monkey bars.  Lisa's team helped her and others reach the finish line even when they thought they couldn't do it.  She did not run this race alone.  And you don't have to run your business alone.  There are so many great people out there who are willing to help you. Or simply provide encouragement when you think you will never make it.  That's one of the reasons I will be going to jvAlert Live in Denver.  To rekindle past friendships with some of the people who have helped me.  And to perhaps be a help to others who are just starting.  Find a team - a mastermind group, a networking group, a coaching group - or just some fellow entrepreneurs to have lunch with now and then - and help each other over the hurdles.

Lisa's Lesson #3) Life is sweeter when shared with those you love.  Lisa's husband and friends ran with her which made the experience that much sweeter.  Don't forget your family while building your business.  Share your successes - and your failures - with them.  Teach your children or grandchildren about your business.  Let them help you.  My grandchildren created some designs for my Tshirt shop and you know what?  They actually sold some!  How cool an experience was that for them?!

Lisa's Lesson #4) Always keep in mind what matters most. I will choose my team over time - every time.  Don't sacrifice your values for the sake of reaching a goal.  It will catch up with you in the end.  If you find yourself dreading working each day.  If you feel sick or anxious when performing certain activities, take a step back and make sure your values are aligned with your business activities.

Lisa's Lesson #5) Sometimes the journey to the top gets dirty. But the view from the top is worth it.    As you can see from the pictures posted on Lisa's blog, she was pretty muddy and banged up by the time she finished.  But it was worth it to know that she had pushed herself and finished.  Building a business is also hard work.  Sometimes you will be pretty banged up by the time you finish.  But oh is it worth it when you see what you have accomplished!

Lisa's Lesson #6) You only fail if you don't get back up.  This was true of the race.  As long as they got up and kept going, they would finish.  The same is true of business.  It may take longer than expected at the start.  It may not end exactly the way you thought.  You will fall down many times before the finish.  But the only way you will fail is if you don't get back up.

I challenge each of you to apply the spirit of the Spartan Sprint and Lisa's lessons to your business.  See you at the top!

PS! Lisa's story has inspired me!  There is an event in Burnet, Texas in May 2014.  I plan to be there!  Anyone else up for an adventure?!

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