Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Help For The Beginning Network Marketer

Starting a new business can be scary. There is a lot to learn. But it’s not nuclear science.  The only real way to fail in network marketing is to quit.  But I remember how unsure I was when I started, and so I'm going to share some tips that will help.

Who Said You Need to Have All the Answers?

Remember in school when you were afraid the teacher would call on you for the one question you didn’t know the answer to? A question would be posed and you’d look down at your desk and frantically pray, “No, no, no, please don’t call on me. Not for this one. Please no, not me.” It can be traumatizing to some kids, if they live in fear they’ll look stupid in front of their peers.

Some adults still live with that same fear. Network marketers are particularly vulnerable. What if someone asks you a question for which you don't have the answer?

Here's the thing, though: Who said, or where did you read that you need to have all the answers?  Even if you're a sponsor, team leader, Manager or Director, what is the worst that would happen if you uttered the words, "I’m not sure, but I will find out and get back to you?”

 Never Show Your Desperation

There is a fine line between being assertive and being aggressive, between being proactive and being obnoxious. Okay maybe not such a fine line with being obnoxious – most of us can recognize that behavior.

What some network marketers have a hard time discerning is when their behavior makes them look desperate. Yet the rest of their audience can clearly see the desperation in their words or actions.

Help for Shy Network Marketers

Do you think you're too shy or introverted to be successful in network marketing? Does the thought of approaching strangers to talk up your product line or business opportunity give you a sick feeling in your stomach? Will you avoid asking for referrals simply because it feels too uncomfortable for you? Don't automatically dismiss a profitable network marketing career just because you get a little nervous about making phone calls to strangers - most everyone experiences this kind of fear at one time or another, and just about everyone can overcome it.
Should You Sign Up With a Company Because You Absolutely Love the Products?

There are so many options available if you want to be part of the direct selling industry. There is no shortage of product lines and of companies whose primary product line is similar to other companies. You certainly have your choice of which company to represent. In your decision process you should consider the company’s compensation plan, policies and procedures and whether or not the products are consumables – making it likely customers will reorder.

Not Everyone Will Be Your Fan

According to the Direct Selling Association, 15.1 million people in the U.S. are involved in direct selling. That’s a lot of people in this industry, and new people are joining every day. More consultants means more competition for you. In fact, competitors are everywhere – on different teams, working with different companies, or even on YOUR team. 

I am very involved in network marketing with a fabulous company called Ariix.  I love the network marketing industry - so much so that I have written a book about it that is scheduled to be published later this year!  Yes, I do have other ventures like coaching and Bob's store.  But my passion is for the network marketing industry because of its ability to help ordinary people change their lives.

So now I ask you.  Do you want the freedom to set your own schedule?  Do you want to be able to spend time making memories with your family before it's too late?  Do you want to wear your pajamas to work?  Then contact me.  Because the only thing I love more than building my network marketing business is helping you build yours!

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